Sadiq Khan is Theresa May’s glove-puppet

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Dodgy Dave and his CBI MI5 glove puppet utterly turning off Labour voters.

Sadiq Khan exposed himself as the shallow little man I already knew him to be during the EU referendum. Like Will Straw, Alan Johnson, David Blunkett, Angela Eagle, Tessa Jowell, Harriet Harman, Tristram Hunt, Chuka Umunna, Caroline Flint, Emma Reynolds et al, Sadiq Khan reduced himself to an utterly pointless shadow for Dodgy Dave, Britain’s disgraced 24% Tory Prime Minister.

Like the rest of the charlatan MPs we are not allowed to name because words associated with Tony Blair’s name are now outlawed under Iain McNicol’s McCarthyite rein of terror, Sadiq Khan spreads a pack of lies about Jeremy Corbyn’s role during the EU referendum.

Had it not been for Corbyn, I would almost certainly have called for a boycott of both sides. But Corbyn, and Paul Mason, managed to persuade me to back REMAIN. Had the BBC, SKY News, Channel4 News not censored Corbyn almost 100% out of the picture, then Labour voters would have turned out in much greater numbers for REMAIN than they in fact did, which was still much better than Tories, who Sadiq doesn’t have a problem with, and about as good as The SNP.

It was not Jeremy Corbyn’s fault that things did not work out the way we would have liked. This relatively low Labour figure was caused by the anti-Corbyn MPs, by their Lords and by assorted opinion formers who turned out to be nothing more than David Cameron’s backing band.

It was in fact your lot, Sadiq Khan, who utterly poisoned the EU referendum campaign. This is your fault, Sadiq Khan’s, not Jeremy Corbyn’s. You and your anti-Corbyn buddies stole the degraded popular front ‘strategy’ of the Scottish Labour Party leaders, Jim Murphy, Kezia Dugdale and John McTernan. The ‘Better Together cross-class alliance deployed in Scotland during our independence referendum reduced Labour from 41 Members of Parliament to just a single MP, then reduced the party still further so that the Tories are now the official opposition at Holyrood. You lot are losers, Sadiq Khan. Go home and think again.

David Cameron’s cheerleader-in-chief, Sadiq Khan, succeeded in conning a hell of a lot of people due to his nominating Jeremy Corbyn to be a candidate for the Labour leadership last year. But it was always clear to me that this was done cynically. It was nothing more than a populist PR exercise to trick Labour member into backing him as some kind of serious left-wing candidate for London Mayor. And now we find him backing Owen Smith.

Owen Smith is a third rate nobody who looks forward to negotiating with the genocidal psychopaths of so-called Islamic State. He told Sophy Ridge that he remained unapologetic over six hours after saying how proud he was for calling for smashing women off their heels. What kind of rhetoric is that, comrade? This man is bringing the Labour Party into disrepute, and there is no way he would be trusted to be Prime Minister. No one trusts  him.

Sadiq Khan is working overtime to help this disgusting Tory Party get itself reelected. He is stabbing the Labour Party’s half million members in the back. What he is doing has so alienated members and voters alike that he has guaranteed he will never be more than a one-term London Mayor. He is already dismissed by voters as merely an independent who has nothing whatsoever to do with the Labour Party. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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