Owen Jones is wrong about Sadiq Khan

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I’ve written a lot about Owen Jones recently. What I’ve argued may appear a tad inconsistant, but I’m pointing the finger of blame at him for that, not me. I have defended Owen Jones against many on the left when he’s got something right, and he isn’t wrong about everything. However, always without explanation these days, as soon as Owen pins his colours to the mast on Tom Watson’s Chicken Coup, he jumps ship again.

It’s getting next to impossible for anyone on the left to defend Owen in print when he’s all over the place. Owen Jones reminds me of the sub atomic particles referred to in Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle: simply by trying to analyse what he’s tweeting we contribute to him shifting in an entirely new direction. Owen Jones will be shot by both sides until he climbs off the fence and picks a side. Which side are you on, Owen? Which side are you on?

Owen Jones concedes that Jeremy Corbyn is going to win. He’s been using that plausible ‘prediction’ to defend his right not to be criticized for trying his damndest to minimize the scale of Owen Smith’s electoral humiliation. But he knows that when he first criticized Corbyn, Huffington Post heralded this intervention as a realistic bid to save Owen Smith’s bacon,  thereby unravelling every single success of the left since Corbyn got on the ballot paper first time round.

Owen Jones’s criticism wasn’t retweeted by all Corbyn’s critics like nothing they’d ever retweeted before without good reason. They took it as a given that he had crossed the floor and sold himself to them as their secret weapon. When he tried to defend his intervention Owen merely made matters even worse. Then, unexpectedly, he turned on his new friends on the right. Eventually, it looked like, without admitting it, he’d changed his mind. And now he’s off again. What the hell is Owen Jones he playing at?

Owen Jones defends Sadiq Khan. Why? Sadiq Khan’s interventions this weekend has been utterly disgusting. He is no longer a Labour London Mayor. He is a self-confessed supporter of Theresa May’s Tory government, just as he acted as a glove puppet for 24% Tory dictator David Cameron during the EU referendum.

Sadiq Khan works with Tory bosses at SKY News and at the BBC News Channel to tell a pack of lies about Jeremy Corbyn. He knows their editors won’t permit any right of reply. This man is a coward who conned Labour members to get himself seleted as their candidate, then conned them into canvassing for him. Sadiq Khan is a liar, and if he thinks he can get away with it without Jeremy Corbyn’s voters fighting back he’s deluded, and is deliberately provoking his own expulsion and that of all those who echo his vile lies.

Sadiq Khan is to blame for the EU referendum result. Jeremy Corbyn did his bit to defeat the Brexiteers. It’s not his fault that the Tory editors at BBC, SKY News, Channel4 News censored his left-wing arguments against Brexit. It was Sadiq Khan coming across as Dodgy Dave’s glove puppet that was the last straw for many low paid victims of Cameron’s 24% government of millionaires, by millionaires, for millionaires.

Sadiq Khan copied Kezia Dugdale’s idiotic Better Together ‘strategy’. She, alongside her then boss, Jim Murphy, and John McTernan, drove Scottish Labour from 41 to just one MP in Scotland; then reducing the party north of the border still further until the Tories are now the official opposition at Holyrood!

Sharing platforms with the hated David Cameron’s Tories – including Dodgy Dave himself -, dancing to the tune of anti-working class organizations like the CBI, promoting the secret police behind Bob Lambert’s Special Branch ‘state rape’ squad, mass murderer Freddie Scappaticci, decades of establishment coverups of the Kincora pedophile scandal… How dare Sadiq Khan blame Jeremy Corbyn for the Brexit vote. It’s his fault.

Sadiq Khan is the idiot who shared a platform with Tory extremists. He’s the one who expressed indifference to the CBI’s supporting EU membership on the basis that it cut wages for the employers, which their pals at the BBC (who are members of the CBI, btw) say is a good thing. It’s no wonder that there was a massive anti-Tory vote within the north of England. Had Sadiq Khan done what Jeremy Corbyn succeeded in doing, it would have been possible to expose the fundamental flaws in the left-wing case for a Brexit vote. However, everything Sadiq, Alan Johnson, Will Straw did undermined all Jeremy Corbyn’s good work, driving more and more Labour voters into the arms of a politically illiterate populist anti-Tory vote.

If I was running Corbyn’s public relations, I’d have exposed the lies of Alan Johnson, and of Owen Smith on Brexit. But we’ve not got our message across. Partly this is due to divisions within Corbyn’s camp as to how to achieve maximum unity within the Labour Party. As I’ve written in great depth (well, with a hell of a lot of words anyway), I want olive branches extended to anti-Corbyn MPs who accept their defeat in the leadership election: if anyone needs proof that I want this, read this article: Strategy for a Jeremy Corbyn landslide

Everyone appears to acccept that Owen Smith will lose, and lose badly. However, it’s clear that precious few of his 172 MPs intend to respect democracy. They’re boasting about how they’ll drag Labour into a four year civil war to help Theresa May. They may very well help her get an early election if they think they can help her secure a landslide victory before Corbyn’s voters have a chance to undo the damage they’ve done this far. They even boast to Newsnight’s political editor, Nick Watt – on terms of unattributed briefings, naturally, cowards that they are – about how they consider obliterating Labour’s representation at Westminster to be a price well worth paying provided it topples Jeremy Corbyn and allows them to purge over half of the party’s membership, maybe a hell of a lot more than half.

What do we do given the behavior of David Blunkett’s immanent split? Paul Mason wants Corbyn’s supporters to pile intolerable pressure on Owen Smith and his MP supporters to rule out joining Blunkett’s bid to split Labour using the courts to seize assets: The sound of Blairite silence. But the most vocal of the 172 MPs clearly have no intention of ruling this out. On the contrary, Sadiq Khan, Lisa Nandy and Kezia Dugdale have effectively declared their intention to make Labour as unelectable as it could possibly be until half a million Labour members finally surrender to what are now the political equivalent of suicide bombers, or the US general general who said he had to destroy a village in order to save it.

Before I get accused of implying something I clearly am not saying, the reference to ‘suicide bombers’ is a metaphor. It is a metaphor intended to capture the idea that those destroying Labour have no problem destroying their own careers provided they destroy Corbyn’s in the process. The lost hopes and dreams of Labour members, candidates and voters determined to secure liberation from Theresa May’s zero percent Tory dictatorship are to be sacrifised on the alter of a mob of cynical Tony Blair cheerleaders. These people possess a psychopathic attitude to ‘colateral damage’. That, by the way, may explain why they so freely boast about incinerating millions of innocent men, women and children with their costly Trident nuclear missiles.


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