Vote of no confidence in Kezia Dugdale

Kezia Dugdale is a disgrace. She has been bringing the Labour Party into disrepute, helping Jim Murphy reduce Scottish Labour’s MPs from 41 to just one at the general election and then, on her todd, reducing the party to a status of not even the official opposition at Holyrood, overtaken by the hated Tories.

Kezia Dugdale blames Jeremy Corbyn for the mess she’s gotten herself into. But he wasn’t leader when she and Jim Murphy joined platforms with David Cameron’s hated Tories during Scotland’s independence referendum, echoed the anti-working class rhetoric of the bosses’ CBI – threats to punish voters with mass redundancies should Scotland not vote the way the employers tell us to.

The Scottish National Party have stolen Labour’s core vote, and many of their best activists too. That is why united fronts across the left is inevitable in Scotland for years – maybe decades – to come: for the Green Party as well as The SNP. Jeremcy Corbyn can’t reverse what had looked like terminal decline so long as Scottish Labour is controlled by Kezia Dugdale and her small band of supporters.

Kezia Dugdale banned Corbyn’s voters standing as candidates at the Holyrood elections. And she’s smeared him repeatedly. She insisted Corbyn would never play any role in determining Labour policy in Scotland. However, when her deluded strategy was punished by the voters (partly on the basis that everyone has a natural tendency to hate devious traitors even more than we do our honest enemies), she tried to blame Jeremy Corbyn.

Kezia Dugdale is the disgrace to the Labour Party in Scotland. She is an impediment to a Labour general election victory at Westminster, or any to any hope of a revival at Holyrood. Socialists need to pass a vote of no confidence in Kezia Dugdale, and votes of no confidence in all those north and south of the border who are helping Tory editors at the BBC, SKY News, Channel4 News etc. Time for Labour Party democracy. Time to clean out the stables.

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One Response to Vote of no confidence in Kezia Dugdale

  1. solrighal says:

    I’m quite happy with Dugdale in charge. She’s fantastic.


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