Expel Iain McNicol’s Scatological Tendency


Labour’s general secretary Iain McNicol has descended into industrial scale electoral fraud. He is nothing short of a vicious McCarthyite whose supporters accuse Jeremy Corbyn voters of flirting with the most disgusting – and criminal – fetishes. Here is one piece of evidence: https://twitter.com/GlamorousLeft/status/768897242635919365.

Iain McNicol’s cheerleaders denounce Labour’s overwhelmingly popular leader as ‘a lunatic’. Owen Smith’s supportive councilors are, in plain sight, tweeting that they want Jeremy Corbyn to be detained without trial by sectioning him under the mental health act!

The obscene trolling by Owen Smith’s voters is beneath contempt. But Iain McNicol doesn’t give a damn about, he turns a blind eye to all of this abuse, including neverending abuse by Owen Smith himself.

Iain McNicol has had all the chances he deserves. More than enough. Half a million members want  nothing less than the expulsion of Iain McNicol from the Labour party, and the sooner the better. That at any rate is what I think.

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