Will Iain McNicol expel Tom Watson?

tom watson tristram hunt scab iain mcnicol

Tom Watson has been caught calling Labour Shadow Defense Secretary Emily Thornberry a traitor. That happens to be one is one of Iain McNicol‘s off-limits words, words that gets you to forfeit your right to vote in Labour’s leadership election. Given that he’s disenranchising others for saying such things, will he expel Labour’s deputy leader? Doubtful. But there’s more damning evidence that can be brought against him, if you are one of Owen Smith’s voters that is.

Tom Watson very publicly denounced Labour MP Tristram Hunt as a ‘scab’. That is yet another word on Iain McNicol’s censored list, a surreal list he uses, arbitrarily, to get rid of tens of thousands of Jeremy Corbyn voters. So what is Labour’s general secretary going to do about that one?

Will Iain McNicol expel Tom Watson for calling Tristram Hunt a ‘scab’? Or might he instead, belatedly, get around to confiscating Tristram Hunt’s illegitimately held party card for crossing picket lines, proving, as if any more proof were needed, that he doesn’t share Labour’s values,  the values that lead to the formation of the Labour Party a century ago?

I don’t want to frighten Iain McNicol, but he can’t be in any serious doubt that his behavior is being carefully scrutinised by over half a million Labour Party members and many, many more Labour voters. His McCarthyite purges will inevitably lead to a class action lawsuit by hundreds of thousands of his victims.

All the Tory trolls that Iain McNicol gives a vote to, to get rid of the man Owen Smith calls a ‘lunatic’ and Christina Patterson calls a ‘nutcase’ and who Owen Smith’s voters (Labour councillors, btw) are demanding is sectioned under the mental health act (which constitutes detention without trial) will have their twitter feeds exposed before a judge and jury to expose his outrageous lack of impartiality during this totally unnecessary Labour leadership election.

During the court case, the motivation behind Iain McNicol’s industrial-scale ballot rigging will be explored in considerable depth. One highly probable explanation is that he is on MI5’s payroll.

In Tony Benn’s last televised interview, he reminded everyone that a member of MI5 once told him that if he was ever elected Prime Minister MI5 would assassinate him! Ballot-rigging to stop Benn’s favourite MP (that’s Jeremy Corbyn for those who were not aware) become Prime Minister is a lesser charge than actually murdering him. It’s still pretty serious though. And if MI5 are sanctioned to pay – tax free – the general secretary of the Labour Party, to rob voters of our right to get the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition as Prime Minister, then that is highly reminiscent of what Richard Nixon did before he launched the Watergate coverup. Impeachment of Britain’s zero percent Tory dictator is not at all impossible in such circumstances. The sooner the better, imho.

Labour voters are being denied our right to elect socialist MPs. Iain McNicol looks determined to do everything he can, not letting legality stand in the way, to stop this ever happening. If he’s colluding with police spies to corrupt the democratic process, and if he is on the payroll – tax-free – of these police spies, and if a 0% Tory Prime Minister is working with him to do this, then Iain McNicol won’t just be expelled from the Labour Party. If this turns out to be the case, then he is going to jail for a very long time.

Have a nice day, Comrade McNicol.

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One Response to Will Iain McNicol expel Tom Watson?

  1. Thank you so much for speaking up! I am so frustrated by those within the Labour Party intent on removing Jeremy from office rather than removing the Tories from government. I am so frustrated that they don’t hear us and yet have the audacity to publicly accuse Jeremy of being out of touch with reality and not engaging with the electorate.; I’m so fed up of the scorn and name calling, backstabbing and witch hunts. I’m disgusted by the way the coupsters have brought the Labour Party into disrepute by using underhand tactics to erode democracy and free speech of the members who support Jeremy. I am sickened by the way many of these coupsters use media which is traditionally Tory-friendly such as the Telegraph, Mail and Sun, as vehicles for their tripe, knowing full well that most of the electorate may be influenced against Jeremy as a result; to add insult to injury I think that the coupsters are actually paid for these spiteful column inches. All these activities demonstrate to me their unsuitability for public office and that they do not care one iota for the plight of all of us, regardless of political persuasion. Their priority is to feather their nests, prevent Jeremy from election at all costs and to perpetuate misery by condoning the Tory austerity measures deliberately foisted upon those who can bear it least!

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