Iain McNicol: ballot-rigger on steroids


General Secretary of the Labour Party, Iain McNicol, and his NEC will find themselves having to answer questions under oath about their industrial-scale ballot rigging. Comrade McNicol must know that. Surely there can no one on the NEC who is so naive as to believe they can get away with what they have been doing?

Hundreds of thousands of members who have had their votes stolen by Iain McNicol and Tom Watson – including the 130,000 Labour members who were sold membership on a false basis – will make sure that both face the gauntlet of large and enthusiastic demonstrations at Labour Party conference. This doesn’t constitute intimidation, but resistance to injustice. The public rage against McNicol and Watson is their own doing. And both face cross-examination about the motives behind their laughable lack of impartiality: millionaires handing vast sums to the Liberal Democrats get to vote against Jeremy Corbyn, and Tory MPs who joined Labour overnight get to vote against Jeremy Corbyn, but Labour recruits who voted for other parties before being recruited to Labour are disenfranchised because they want to vote for Jeremy Corbyn?

I smell the stench of the British state. And if Iain McNicol or any of his NEC rubber stamp brigade are now or have ever been on MI5’s payroll, they’ll be asked questions about this on oath – and if they choose not to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, on oath, they know they’ll risk going to jail for perjury should the truth come out, and I am sure it will eventually.

How can those who voted for the Scottish National Party in 2015 be told they’re unwelcome in the Labour Party? What does Comrade McNicol think he’s doing telling them they’ll be expelled for voting for the SNP before joining Labour? Does Iain McNicol seriously expect voters to buy into his fantasty that he’s nothing more than a clueless old dunderheid, rather than cynically engaging in ballot-rigging, paid to do that by sinister forces out to destroy Labour, such as the MI5 agents who told Tony Benn they’d murder him if he was ever elected Prime Minister? Or the 90% of Bob Lambert’s Special Branch undercover cops who descended to unlawful sex with the victims of their spying, an obscene practise that is now referred to – entirely legitimately – as ‘state rape’? The victims of Bob Labour’s undercover cops were made pregnant; they suffered intolerable grief as the men they believed to be their soulmate went missing, to return to his real life with his real wife and kids: the psychological torture of these women victims will never end in justice, thanks to Theresa May and Alan Johnson protecting these rapists, just as they protect the state’s serial killers like Freddie Scappaticci.

Due to their reducing themselves to David Cameron’s glovepuppets during our referendum, Scottish Labour lost 40 out of 41 MPs, all of them to The SNP. And Iain McNicol intends to win these voters back by threatening them with expulsion for the ‘crime’ of voting for The SNP before Labour once more becomes – hopefully – an electoral force in Scotland by abandoning Kezia Dugdale’s strategy of attacking the SNP from the right?

It is simply impossible to believe that anyone is as stupid as Iain McNicol is trying so hard to pretend to be. His days within the Labour Party are numbered, and he must know that by now. If his behavior can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be due to financial inducements from Theresa May’s police spies, or due to blackmail by the police spies who have compiled dossiers on vulnerable public figures such as him, then everyone involved can look forward to substantial jailtime. Have a nice day, ‘Comrade’ McNicol.

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