Shadow Cabinet to be elected by OMOV?

Just signed a petition calling for Shadow Cabinet to be elected, if such elections are needed at all, by all Labour Party members, rather than by a tiny electorate consisting of Owen Smith’s sad 168 losers, right-wing MPs who now concede they’ll be crushed by the party’s membership. Unelectable MPs who elected Owen Goal to represent them are hardly fit to pick Labour’s front bench. These MPs are the problem, as they keep proving to Labour voters, over and over and over again.

Here’s the comment I left on this petition. Hopefully everyone voting for Jeremy Corbynn will sign.

168 MPs lead by Owen Smith have plunged Labour into electorally-damaging civil war. Their leader has had a carcrash of a campaign, as Isabel Hardman and Dan Hodges concede. They are lead by a voter repellant. Reading the writing on the way, these 168 MPs decide that Iain McNicol’s industrial scale ballot-rigging isn’t enough to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn, so these unelectable troublemakers make this waste of time and money, costly also in terms of the polls, a pointless exercise by just ignoring the overwhelming vote of confidence by over half a million members. These 168 MPs have declared war on their own party, and they WANT to provoke their expulsion. This split is intolerable. And those behind it could find themselves in court before too long, with them questioned on oath about their motivation: anyone on MI5’s payroll, for example?

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