“The enemy of socialists is capitalism, not each other.” @OwenJones84

Here’s one I made earlier – three years earlier, to be precise. Owen Jones called for all socialists to join Labour on the basis that the enemy of socialists is capitalism, not each other. I still believe that. God know what Owen Jones thinks now. Looks like he wants all socialists to be denied membership in order to keep his newfound anti-socialist friends happy. Jeremy Corbyn is building a genuinely broad church anti-Tory party. Time for Owen Jones to get with the program and stop defending the McCarthyite ballot-riggers because they happen to be MPs who got elected under Britain’s disgusting first-past-the-post voting system and broadcasters in the pocket of Rupert Murdoch, the CBI, MI5, NSA.


From the first day of setting up this blog up I’ve had this quote from Owen Jones’s one-minute video – the one he made for The Daily Politics on ‘How To Be A Lefty’ – on my masthead. It’s been there from day one. I’m kinda proud of that.

I regularly defended Owen from others to the left of Labour, mostly Socialist Party members but also SWP comrades from time to time, and others as well. Guess I need to update my masthead in light of Owen’s disappointing decent into sectarianism. “The enemy of socialists is each other, not capitalism.” ~Owen Jones. Howzat?

On the other hand, maybe I need to cut him some slack. Maybe I need to see if he can be pulled back from the brink. Benefit of the doubt and all that. Better a sinner who repenteth than never to have loved at all. Forgive him…

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