Deselect Blairite War Criminals

Adrian Bailey
Andrew Gwynne
Andy Burnham
Angela Eagle
Angela Rayner (Paired)
Angela Smith
Ann Clwyd
Ann Coffey
Anna Turley
Barry Sheerman
Ben Bradshaw
Bridgit Phillipson
Caroline Flint
Catherine McKinnell
Chinyelu Onwurah
Chris Bryant
Chris Elmore
Chris Evans
Chris Leslie
Clive Lewis (ill)
Connor McGinn
Dan Jarvis
David Crausby
David Lammy
Diana Johnson
Fiona MacTaggart
Frank Field
Gareth Thomas
Gavin Shuker
Geoffrey Robinson
George Howarth
Gerald Kaufman
Gill Furniss
Gisela Stuart
Gloria De Piero
Graeme Jones
Graham Stringer
Grahame Morris
Heidi Alexander
Helen Jones
Hugh Irranca-Davies
Ian Austin
Ian Murray
Ivan Lewis
Jamie Reed
Jim Fitzpatrick
Joan Ryan
John Mann
John Spellar
John Woodcock
Judith Cummins
Julie Elliott
Kate Hoey
Keith Vaz
Kevan Jones
Kevin Barron
Lindsay Hoyle
Liz Kendall
Luciana Berger
Lucy Powell
Madeleine Moon
Margaret Beckett
Margaret Hodge
Maria Eagle
Mark Hendrick
Mary Creagh
Meg Hillier
Melanie Onn
Michael Dugher
Mike Gapes
Natascha Engel
Neil Coyle
Nia Griffith
Nick Brown
Pat McFadden
Paul Flynn
Peter Kyle
Phil Wilson
Rachel Reeves
Rob Flello
Rob Marris
Roberta Blackman-Woods
Ronnie Campbell
Rosena Allin-Khan
Rosie Cooper
Rushanara Ali
Ruth Smeeth
Shabana Mahmood
Siobhain McDonagh
Stephen Kinnock
Susan Jones
Toby Perkins
Tom Blenkinsopp
Tom Watson
Tracy Brabin
Tristram Hunt
Vernon Coaker
Wayne David
Wes Streeting
Yasmin Qureshi
Yvonne Fovargue

That’s the list I’ve seen. No doubt a few will be able to satisfy us they had excuses for not helping Theresa May’s war criminals. But I doubt many will. CLPs throughout the country need to start preparing to deselect any of them incapable of explaining why they helped the Tories and their disgusting Saudi Arabian dictatorship chums.

Labour voters and members have plenty of reasons to get rid of unelectble MPs who have learned nothing from the last two landslide victories of Jeremy Corbyn. No socialist wants to have anything to do with these people. We’ll certainly not be queuiing up to reelect them when they give us nothing but grief, helping the Tories every chance they get.

Abstaining on the Yemen vote is in certain respects just one more reason for deselect them. But it’s one of the best I can think of. Topicality matters. And voters will be disgusted in them, as will Labour members who just delivered a vote of no confidence in these Blairite bastards.

These MP have made it clear they have every intention to split Labour any day now. I could be wrong, but I think it’s quite likely they’ll choose Tony Blair to be the corrupt war criminal who will lead their split party, lead them and a large number of Tory MPs, as well as 100% of Lib Dems MPs. Lead them all into the next election. I think they’ll help Theresa May call a snap election, and Tony Blair will be the Prime Minister of choice of these who want a government committed to defending the Single Market. An electoral pact before the general election; a grand coalition after it, hoping to wipe Jeremy Corbyn’s candidates out in the process.

Socialists have our candidate for Prime Minister. We now need to flesh out our manifesto. And we urgently need to select candidates who are electable, ones loyal to the Labour party membership, as well as our democratically-elected choice for Prime Minister. Passing votes of no confidence in this riff raff of Saudi Arabian dictatorship cheerleaders is a very good way to start our preparations for the next general election.


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