Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister strategy document


Strategy document for socialists inside and outside the Labour Party
Jeremy Corbyn is the Prime Minister for me. I have never been a member of Labour, but have been considering joining from the day Corbyn was overwhelmingly elected leader. However, a snap election looks increasingly likely, although not yet an inevitability. This raises questions of strategy and tactics for those socialists, such as myself, who wants to work for a Jeremy Corbyn government but who are not yet Labour Party members. There is simply no time for me to get past Tom Watson’s gate-keeper: the McCarthyite ballot-riggers and war criminals who dominate parliament and whose general secretary rigged Labour’s conference by pushing through a mass purge of Jeremy Corbyn supporting delegates.

Jeremy Corbyn now stands practically alone as a Labour MP I would be proud to vote for. My support for Diane Abbott is every bit as strong. Dennis Skinner and a handful of others from the past are on the right side, but they’re not going to be around for much longer and they’re too old to become ministers in a Corbyn government. Very, very few others in this ludicrously misnamed ‘Parliamentary Labour Party’ deserve to be legislators. They are the voice of the anti-democratic British establishment. And there is barely a shadow of a doubt that the overwhelming majority of members will flush every last one of them into the sewer where they belong the first chance they get.

Most Labour MPs deserve to be expelled: our hearts are screaming at us to get a move on with that. However, politics requires us to think with both heart and head. And – let’s face facts, comrades – these MPs are desperately trying to get themselves expelled. Why would they do that? For a variety of reasons. When combined with Britain’s Tweedledee/Tweedledum electoral system, the Blairites’ mindboggling unpopularity within the party’s membership means Blairites need an excuse for splitting the anti-Tory vote. Their only hope of occupying the high moral ground is by unloading responsibility for vote splitting on Jeremy Corbyn. That is why they’re deliberately provoking expulsion, hoping to get themselves pushed out of the party, rather than to jump of their own free will.

These MPs are confident that electoral arithmetic in the House of Commons will make it impossible for Jeremy Corbyn to stand up to them. But he’s surprised them, and inspired Labour voters and members. The reality is the Parliamentary Labour Party are obscenely torturing the most decent member of parliament the Labour Party has ever had. And they will never ever be forgiven for this wretched behaviour. In the long term, Tom Watson and co would happily drive Jeremy Corbyn to an early death — and not necessarily a natural death at that. If they can kill Labour’s leader by having him die of a broken heart due to intolerable stress, that’s what they’ll do. But if that doesn’t pan out, they’re up for having him suffer Salvador Allende’s fate. And that, by the way, is not an over the top joke. I’m one hundred percent serious.

Tom Watson: the leader of Labour’s Pinochet Tendency
The organiser of Owen Smith’s Chicken Coup, Hilary Benn, is perfectly well aware that his dad — Tony Benn — reminded voters in his last ever televised interview that an MI5 officer once told him once that if he was elected Prime Minister they’d assassinate him. But the son of this great man, this legend in left-wing politics, backs MI5 killers. Hilary Benn and Tom Watson want more power for Britain’s would-be General Pinochet. Hilary Benn has a longstanding record of voting to hand ever greater powers to those behind Freddie Scappaticci, the state sanctioned serial killer.

Hilary Benn won a standing ovation (well, a sitting ovation) from Tory MPs for making a speech on Syria that echoed what war criminal David Cameron had just said, a speech designed to draw a target on the chest of Jeremy Corbyn (Tony Benn’s favourite MP, btw). Hilary Benn was allowed, courtesy of degraded Chief Whip Rosie Winterton, to bookend the debate on Syria in an identical way to how David Cameron started it: attacking Jeremy Corbyn.

In these two speeches, every other member of the Stop the War Coalition ended up with targets drawn on our chests by the paymasters of the killers of Catholic Civil Rights lawyers like Pat Finucane. Socialists can be shot dead as far as MPs are concerned for the audacity of opposing British Imperialism’s illegal and immoral wars. Terrorist sympathisers? Threats to national security? David Cameron and Theresa May are advocates of extra-judicial killing, of a shoot-to-kill policy with no questions asked. And Jeremy Corbyn could easily suffer as a consequence of these wretched Tory killers, including the Tory scumbags representing Labour in parliament today.

Most of today’s Labour MPs stand shoulder to shoulder with Theresa May and David Cameron’s shoot-to-kill policy. No questions asked by the guardians of MI5’s Kincora paedophiles or the rapists of Special Branch’s undercover cop unit (including the one paid to spy for decades on the woman who is now leader of the Stop the War Coalition).

Labour Party in exile must work for Jeremy Corbyn
This Labour Party at Westminster is rotten to the core. These MPs will not find Labour members canvassing for them. In the secrecy of the ballot box, many may not place their cross against the name of any supporters of Theresa May and Tony Blair’s state sanctioned killers, rapists and paedophiles.

I had hoped to join Labour before the next general election. But I no longer think that’s likely — not unless the snap election is avoided, and nothing can be ruled in or out at this stage. The left outside Labour needs to draw up plans for a variety of scenarios that remain largely outside our control.

If there is to be a snap election — ostensibly fought over the triggering of Article 50 and the single market -, socialists need to make plans long before it is called. The CLPs must launch votes of no confidence in sitting MPs immediately. Jeremy Corbyn has nothing to worry about. Nor does Diane Abbott. But most of those pretending to be on Corbyn’s side look dodgier by the day. Their behaviour in the mass media has, on the whole, been utterly wretched. However, the mainstream media have only been able to get away with their Tory bullshit thanks to the utterly disgusting Parliamentary Labour Party bailing out Theresa May every single day on the BBC, SKY News Channel4 News, ITV and C5, with Ofcom bosses clearly unwillingness to rein in what is little more than a one-party state. Labour MPs are with few exceptions a fifth column. Their days as MPs are rapidly drawing to a close.

The Parliamentary Labour Party is actively trying to destroy Jeremy Corbyn, and I include many MPs ostensibly backing him. They have no interest in Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister. They are hoping to con Labour members in the vain hope they’ll lend them their votes so they can steal Corbyn’s job after they’ve lumbered al voters with a Tory landslide government for a five-year period with a mandate to do pretty much what Donald Trump intends to do in the United States of America. Clive Lewis et al will blame Labour’s leader for this mess, rather than their own conscious bid to make the Labour Party as unelectable as possible.

Labour Party split is inevitable, and everybody knows it
If CLPs remind Tories masquerading as Labour MPs that not one of them has a job for life, we know what will happen next: they’ll do their level best to expel all Jeremy Corbyn’s voters. That could prove very tricky indeed, with the trade unions who formed the Labour Party to give them a voice in parliament siding with the members. Tom Watson and Hilary Benn would have to rely on funding (and canvassing too?) from the CBI and MI5. Good luck with those as your allies, you daft Tory bastards. Any attempt by Tom Watson to expel Jeremy Corbyn’s voters will lead to a split. Tom Watson’s new party would end up clinging by their fingernails until the next election, at which point they’ll be obliterated under first-past-the-post.

In such circumstances, Labour will shift dramatically in a healthy democratic direction, while Hilary Benn and Tom Watson’s new electoral vehicle would probably end up using ‘Open Britain’ or ‘Open Labour’ as the name of their party, the name depending on the extent to which Tory and Lib Dem MPs are drawn into a new electoral vehicle in the event of a snap election. It’s impossible to pin down what is most likely: there are simply far too many unknowns at this point in time. History seems to have entered a new phase: we wake up every day into a brand a new episode of the Twilight Zone. At this rate, it won’t be long before that happens every time we blink.

If it looks like the PLP is getting into bed with the anti-Brexit wing of the Tory Party and the Lib Dems, it’s quite probable that Theresa May won’t dare trigger a snap election. The reasons for such reluctance is Open Britain could, I believe, at least according to the opinion polls, actually win under first-past-the-post. The reason for this is that the enemies of Brexit in the Tory Party could make it clear that if/when returned to parliament under a snap election, they’ll vote alongside others not to trigger Article 50 until they’ve won guarantees any negotiated settlement with the EU will be put to the British people in a subsequent referendum or possibly rejected by a simple vote in parliament. Retention of the single market is so important to so many Tory MPs, and to the vast majority of those running big business that this is a distinct possibility. The xenophobic Frankenstein Monster unleashed by Theresa May and Nigel Farage may not be as invincible as they hoped it was.

The need to appease at least some of the Tory rebel MPs could reinvigorate the splitting tendency of Nigel Farage’s UKIP racists tossing spanners into the works, left, right and centre. Theresa May’s wing of the Tory Party could, in such circumstances, end up being crushed out of existence. If polls and the markets made a wipeout of the Brexit Tories look like a serious possibility, why on earth would she call a snap election? She wouldn’t. Polls now depend on what Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters do, both inside and outside the Labour Party. So, what exactly should we be doing?

Corbyn’s supporters inside Labour
Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters inside the Labour Party must under no circumstances quit the party regardless of how many humiliations are dished out to them by the Tory entryists in the Parliamentary Labour Party. On the contrary, they need to step up a recruitment drive: get as many like-minded socialists into the party as possible. But they all need to be very careful. Socialists outside Labour can’t be too harsh on those who seem to be unable to challenge this rotten PLP. Both the socialist wing inside Labour and those of us yet to join need to map out a healthy working relationship with each other, drawing ever closer together. It is impossible to know how the left will respond to deselection of the MPs. Many who still claim to be on the left will oppose it. The credentials of such people lie in tatters. We can safely dismiss them all as ex-lefties. Those who want to reelect this PLP are, whatever role the played in the past, now nothing more than rotten Tories. Those hoping to select this shower of unelectable ballot-rigging war criminals as the left-wing standard bearers under first-past-the-post are enemies we may as well block on Twitter as bitter trolls. Let’s blank them as enemies of the Labour Party.

What should the left do who are not — yet — Labour Party members? To a very large extent, timing is out of our hands, at least when it comes to deselection. Socialists need to debate the pros and cons of what members should be doing, and we need to debate with respect, listening to each other. We need to persuade, not lay down the law, not issue ultimatums to Labour activists who feel paralysed, not knowing how to dislodge these treacherous MPs. CLPs should get a move on, and they’re cutting their own throats the longer it takes them to do this. But it’s perfectly possible that Theresa May will call a snap election before Labour’s members succeed in selecting candidates supportive of a Labour government lead by Jeremy Corbyn, one with a mandate to carry out manifesto pledges overwhelmingly voted for by the party’s membership where Tom Watson and Hilary Benn and even Tristram Hunt and Liz Kendall voted for a candidate who claimed to back 90% of Corbyn’s policies. What happens in such circumstances?

Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister Candidates?
If Labour MPs conspire with Theresa May to trigger a snap election, both sets of Tories picking war criminals and ballot riggers as the choice for Labour voters, then Jeremy Corbyn has zero responsibility for any of these anti-socialist bastards. Labour voters must do whatever it takes to get a Jeremy Corbyn supporter on the ballot paper for the next general election in every single constituency. And if the socialist doesn’t happen to be the official Labour Party candidate, so what? He/she will still end up as the democratically-elected Member of Parliament, and will then join Labour after the Blairite MPs get kicked out on their arses by Labour voters. That’s what I predict. That’s what I will be working towards. And that is what every Labour voter needs to work towards regardless of what are the plans of the MI5-loving scumbag at the top of the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee.

No socialist should dream of splitting the anti-Tory vote when local members have chosen a genuinely supportive Jeremy Corbyn candidate. In such circumstances, we need to offer a clear field to the official Labour candidate, canvass for him or her enthusiastically, regardless of whether Tom Watson’s ballot-riggers have expelled better socialists, stealing our money and votes in the process.

Only in circumstances where CLPs have been denied their right to select their own candidate — having a ballot-rigging war criminal imposed on them and Labour voters by Iain McNicol (almost certainly on MI5’s payroll) should TUSC and others offer a real socialist as the real Labour candidate. In such circumstances, it would be wrong to advertise the candidate as standing for TUSC or any other left-wing splinter group. They should seek sponsorship from trade unions and all anti-racist, anti-war organisations. This candidate should select a name that increases our chances of winning support from the local constituency party, with imposed war criminals being condemned to the dustbin of history.

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