Deselect Keir Starmer


Keir Starmer is deliberately sabotaging Jeremy Corbyn’s bid to become Prime Minister. This former Director of Public Prosecutions joined Tom Watson’s Chicken Coup. Both descended into industrial scale ballot-rigging and corruption of Labour’s conference due to purging delegates known to support Jeremy Corbyn. And now this McCarthyite is deliberately making an absolute dog’s breakfast of his Brexit brief.

Keir Starmer continues to reject the European Union’s bottom line in order to achieve any meaningful access to the Single Market, as has been explained by Diane Abbott in her interview with Andrew Neil on Sunday Politics three days ago. Freedom of movement is non-negotiable, but Keir Starmer pretends he wants the Single Market while rejecting what it implies. This makes him a hypocritical supporter of Hard Brexit.

Keir Starmer’s attitude towards Theresa May is beyond suspicious. How could any intelligent individual peddle such gibberish? I am convinced Keir Starmer holds Labour voters in contempt, assuming we’re too stupid to spot the flaws in his ‘logic’. He peddles gibberish intentionally to drive Labour’s voters away in disgust.

Keir Starmer has reduced Labour to a laughing stock over Brexit. That was one reason they couldn’t even save their deposit in last week’s by-election, and are set to be crushed in the next one.

The 48% who rejected Brexit will, I predict between now and 31 March 2017, wil shift inexorably towards candidates promising not to raise the white flag as Keir Starmer has done. Labour has lost all those voters now. As for that part of the 52% who see no reason to drop their enthusiasm for Brexit, however defined, they will either stick with Theresa May, or they will register their anti-Toryism in an even more reactionary fashion: their votes will be syphoned off in ever greater numbers to Paul Nuttall’s UKIP, lead by a man who is now as big a fan of Donald Trump as his predecessor, Nigel Farage, is.

Due to Keir Starmer’s mindboggling incompetence, those frustrated at Theresa May’s rotten government, but still needing to express an opinion on Article 50, will vote for anyone but Labour –  unless he is removed from this brief.

The 52% who still want Brexit are going to rebel against Theresa May’s rotten system by lending support to the bearers of an even worse one. Protest votes from that direction have little choice but to “hold Theresa May’s feet to the fire” by using UKIP as the receptacle.

Where does Keir Starmer expect to get votes from? He clearly doesn’t want votes. He wants to make Labour as unelectable as he can by letting everyone know Labour has absolutely nothing to say about Theresa May’s Brexit plans.

Keir Starmer has written Theresa May a blank cheque. By doing this he has reduced Labour to a laughing stock. Why has he done this? Keir Starmer wants Labour to continue crashing in the polls. Having nothing to say on Theresa May’s Brexit plans, allowing her to do what the **** she likes from the 31st of March 2017 for the next two years is key to his plans to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn and all his supporters in the Labour Party. We are not going to let him get away with this.

Keir Starmer has accepted Theresa May’s timetable. He refused to qualify his surrender to an unelected, anti-human rights dictator. Starmer’s surrender is unconditional. He doesn’t care what ‘plan’ for Brexit she has up her sleeve . He doesn’t care how long MPs, and all voters, are given to scrutinise these secret plans.

Is it possible that the first time anyone hears anything about Theresa May’s Brexit plan is 30th of March 2017? Or might she keep her cards close to her chest until a mere one hour prior to the parliamentary debate? What if her published plans are meaningless waffle? What if every voter and every MP absolutely hates her plans? Keir Starmer has committed all Labour MPs to let her do what she wants regardless of what she intends to do. He has alowed her to provide zero time for any scrutiny of her so-called plans, if she has any? What the hell is wrong with this Keir Starmer?

Keir Starmer is a coward

Keir Starmer is a coward as well as a hypocrite and someone out to sabotage Jeremy Corbyn’s bid to become Prime Minister. He blocks Labour voters like me who are unimpressed by the gibberish he peddles on television and radio and at Westminster. He only allows his ‘ideas’ to be ‘scrutinised’ by enemies of Jeremy Corbyn, by Tories and cheerleaders for corrupt war criminal Tony Blair, by ‘journalists’ paid by organisations in the pocket of Rupert Murdoch, the CBI, and Amber Rudd’s police spies who infiltrate the Labour Party and the wider labour movement.

Keir Starmer blocks his critics so he doesn’t have to hear negative commentary on his reactionary twaddle. He is unelectable. And he is determined to make the Labour Party as unelectable as he is. He does this in the hope of depriving voters of a Jeremy Corbyn government. Labour voters and members can’t afford the luxury of such malicious and/or incompetent cowards.

Constituency Labour Parties up and down the country can no longer tolerate saboteurs like Keir Starmer. He along with most Labour MPs need to be reminded that none of them has a job for life. They won the right to become part of the legislature by putting themselves forward as Labour Party candidates, and they’re giving us warmed up Toryism, and we’ll not tolerate this anymore. Labour Party’s members retain their absolute right to decide who is worth voting for and who is not; who is worth canvassing for and who is a liability. And almost 100% of the present PLP fall into the category of ‘worse than useless’.

In conclusion, the time has come for Keir Starmer to face a vote of no confidence. CLPs must pass such votes to end the nightmare of their own MP crawling onto television and radio every single day to destroy Jeremy Corbyn and our hopes of toppling this government of racists and billionaire parasites.

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