Keir Starmer is a cowardly hypocrite

Keir Starmer led the Parliamentary Labour Party into abject surrender yesterday. And Theresa May’s supporters are jumping with joy at this betrayal of Labour voters. No wonder.

Keir Starmer signed a blank cheque yesterday, and delivered it on a plate, crawling on his knees to the Tory Prime Minister, who accepted it willingly from one of her favourite brutal dictatorship in a land far, far away.

Keir Starmer has turned the Labour Party into a laughing stock, as have the rest of the PLP who caved into Theresa May’s ‘plans’ for Brexit. And he is not so stupid that he didn’t know what the consequences would be. Iain Duncan Smith is just one of many Tories echoing my phrase of the blank cheque. And that’s exactly what he has written. He is waving the white flag, and now it doesn’t matter what Theresa May says, or when she says it.

If Theresa May publishes her so-called ‘plans’ three minutes before the vote on Article 50 on the 31st of March 2017, Keir Starmer has to vote for it.

If Theresa May says her plan is to deliver a red, white and blue Brexit with a cherry on top, it matters not. Keir Starmer has given his word of honour he will vote for her Article 50 trigger in order to do what the fuck she liked.

Keir Starmer tried to be clever by saying it is bizarre that Tory MPs raised their hands to declare their not wanting to know what Theresa May’s plans are. The joke is on him. He voted last night to say he doesn’t want to know what her plans are. So long as she provides ‘plans’- however defined – one nanosecond before the debate on her triggering Article 50 next year, he is satisfied.

Keir Starmer’s crimes against the Labour Party don’t stop there. He said there is no consensus for a Hard Brexit. But that is what he has signed himself up to. As Diane Abbott explained in her interview with Andrew Neil last Sunday, Keir Starmer was with her when the EU negotiators insisted Britain will not get meaningful access to the Single Market unless  we accept free movement. This is the quid pro quo, and Keir Starmer’s xenophobia means he’s tossing away access to the Single Market. His alleged support for a soft Brexit is predicated on changing the EU’s minds on freedom of labour as much as capital. It won’t happen, so he is as committed to a Hard Brexit as is Theresa May.

Even if Keir Starmer changed his mind about freedom of movement, what different would it make? None. His vote to let Theresa May do whatever she wants on 31st of March 2017 means the lack of consensus on a Hard Brexit can’t stop him voting for it anyway.

Keir Starmer is awarding Theresa May the dictatorial powers that the Supreme Court is deciding she probably doesn’t have.

Keir Starmer knows it’s unlikely the Supreme Court will surrender to Theresa May as enthusiastically as he did, and most of the PLP did, last night. And thank god for that.

What is Jeremy Corbyn’s role in all this? He was silent last night, and I won’t blame him. He must know Labour is being deliberately destroyed by  Keir Starmer. He knows writing Theresa May a blank cheque with a delivery date of 31st March 2017 is a political disaster. He knows this is sabotage of democracy. And yet he never voted against it as the SNP and others did. Is he to blame? No. I am not accusing him. I see Jeremy Corbyn as very much a prisoner of a Parliamentary  Labour Party out of control. Labour’s opinion polls are set to plunge as a consequence of Keir Starmer and Tom Watson’s betrayal, and that is the point. These people are unelectable. And their mission is now to make the entire Labour Party as unelectable as they are as individuals. Then both will blame the party’s leader for an ever collapsing opinion poll. This collapse can’t be brushed off. But Jeremy Corbyn is not the cause. He is practically the only MP who can be absolved of the blame. Diane Abbott is another one. But even most of the so-called Jeremy Corbyn loyalists are nothing of the sort. Most of them are damaging him, many of them doing that deliberately, party because they don’t share his socialist values, but some merely in order to steal his job: Clive Lewis is the most obvious of them.

Opinion polls collapse has nothing to do with Jeremy Corbyn, other than the frustration of some naive individuals who think this JC should be able to walk on water, or at least expel all his enemies from the PLP. This is a very unfair

Jeremy Corbyn is held hostage by a shadow cabinet that is only marginally better than the last one. But how can he do anything about that? He can’t sack anyone as there is no decent MP left. They’ve al been used up. Therefore? Deselect the dross.

Constituency Labour Paries up and down the country need to pass votes of no confidence in these MPs who are screwing everything up every single day in order to damage Jeremy Corbyn, most Labour members, and most Labour voters. They have no right to be candidates in the event of a ‘snap election’ that Keir Starmer is working for, doing so in order to help Theresa May win a five-year ‘mandate’ to carry through the wholesale privatisation of the NHS, slashing the value of pensions, crushing the trade unions while employers sack everyone calling for a strike against these massive cuts in salaries and the social wage.

Theresa May’s ‘plans’ for Brexit are to be found in what she told Nissan. How did she convince them to help her? Isn’t it obvious? There will not be any bribery of one individual employer and that would be met with hostility by the rest of the employers. Clearly what Nissan was promised is compensation for the collapse of the British economy – as a direct consequence of exit from the EU – by slashing corporation tax to make Britain a utopia for asset-stripping money-launderers from all across the globe: a rich parasite’s Disneyland.

Keir Starmer knows what Theresa May’s plan is. And he knows if the economy is set to shrink catastrophically simultaneous with taxation from the capitalists vanishing overnight, simply to keep them on  board post-Brexit Britain, then the extra money has to be found somewhere, and that is where we come in. Those of us who are not capitalists and our extended families are going to be turned into the most exploited slaves in the world.

Labour members and voters will not tolerate Keir Starmer’s blank cheque for Theresa May’s dictatorial plan to slash corporation tax, nor removing our right to strike as our means of resisting wages and conditions falling through the floor.

Theresa May can look forward to mass civil disobedience when her bonfire of decades of European legislation on health and safety legislation etc becomes a health hazard. The ending of the social wage – NHS, pensions, benefits for the sick and disabled – are an inevitable consequence of Brexit Britain having to slash corporation tax to stop a mass rebellion from the Tory Party’s rich and powerful friends who own the means of production, distribution and exchange. Our homes will be stolen from us as we won’t be able to pay to parasitic Tory landlords. We will die on the streets of hypothermia.

All the above is a  recipe for mass civil disobedience, and Keir Starmer knows it. Theresa May intends to provoke the people and, thanks to Keir Starmer, she now has a ready-made excuse to crush us by means of the armed forces of the state.

State rapists and serial killers like Bob Lambert and Freddie Scappaticci will be deployed inside the labour movement in ever greater numbers. But so will armed police officers on the streets, with a shoot-to-kill policy. Anyone Theresa May deems a threat to national security – and that will be pretty much be all of us – can then be gunned down in cold blood, no questions asked. That’s Theresa May’s plans for Brexit Britain. And Keir Starmer voted for them last night. And that is why this useful idiot must face a vote of no confidence by his Constituency Labour Party immediately.

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