Owen Jones is an anti-socialist traitor

Owen Jones has destroyed those microscopic shreds of credibility he had left. No longer should he be considered any part of the left. He should be treated like the traitor he is.

Nevertheless, it is crucial for socialists to be careful about how we expose this renegade. We need to be careful not because we hope to win him back; I’ve written him off, and so should you. Our problem is he is one of the key weapons in Tom Watson’s McCarthyite arsenal precisely because of his past reputation which was – IMHO – admirable, at least up to a point.

Socialists need to detach Owen Jones’s young, immature activist fans. And we can only do that by accepting he wasn’t always like this.

Everyone should watch the video Owen Jones made several years ago for the Daily Politics. I thought it was so good I uploaded it to @Youtube and it’s been included in my blog for as long as I can remember.

A key quote from Owen Jones’s Daily Politics video has been included on the masthead of my blog from the day I started using it for political purposes: “The enemy of socialists is capitalism, not each other.”

Comrades, let’s remind Owen Jones the traitor exactly how he defined a socialist when he was one. Today Owen Jones’s only friends are enemies of socialism, and class warriors for the system of wage slavery, surplus value vampires – aka those who own the means of production, distribution and exchange.

In his short video, Owen Jones said it was important for the left to get together inside the Labour Party. Today, he is joining Tom Watson in launching a vicious McCarthyite witchhunt to give socialists no alternative but to split the anti-Tory vote because he intends to drive us all out of the party.

Owen Jones has to explain what the fuck happened to him. In his Channel Four video about how he was going to vote in Labour’s last leadership election, Owen Jones asked his parents – ex-members of Militant – if they’d be disappointed in him if he ended up endorsing Owen Smith. They were shocked to be asked that question. They’re surprised that he would even consider doing something like that.

I don’t think Owen Jones’s mum and dad will be feeling very proud of him today. Their son is a traitor to everything every socialist holds dear. Only parents could love one of those.

Whatever psychological torment he is going through as he burns all his bridges to the left, that’s a matter between Owen Jones and his conscience. For socialists, our task is to expose this McCarthyite supporter of capitalist exploitation. Good luck to everyone doing that from here on in.

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2 Responses to Owen Jones is an anti-socialist traitor

  1. concernedkev says:

    Seems like he’s having a delayed development teenaged oppositional reaction to his parents either that or somebody has him by the short and curleys and is dictating his thoughts. Nobody makes such a massive leap in ideology without some ulterior motivation


  2. TomDelargy says:

    Reblogged this on WORKERS UNITED and commented:

    Expel Owen Jones. #SoftCoup #JC4PM @OwenJones84 #Marr #TorySaboteur


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