Mhairi Black MP is a victim of Special Branch


I was genuinely surprised to discover that this tweet was being retweeted and ‘Liked’. This is not the first time I’ve referred to this specific incident or plenty others like it. Since some people think it’s worth retweeting, I want to make several things clear.

That tweet was no joke, and the date can be found through my twitter account, as I tweeted about it after connecting to the internet. I tweet a great deal of surreal nonsense on twitter. For a long time after joining twitter, that’s mostly what I used it for. 140 character limits what is possible, and for years I refused to use it for political purposes, hiding my real identity to shake off lots of trolls. Sometimes I resolve to cut out the jokes in case people don’t know when I’m joking. But my life is too boring not to tweet things to keep me amused. I’ve tried to stop, but it would appear I’m now addicted. The reasons I’m not that bothered is it shouldn’t be too hard to work out when I’m not joking. I have enough respect for my followers not to add a #lol hashtag.

So – let me repeat – just in case anyone is in any doubt, that tweet about my being threatened by Special Branch officers is no joke. It isn’t ‘fake news’. It’s not the ravings of someone seriously mentally ill, and I’m happy to take on anyone who wants to suggest that it might be. I’ve got nothing to fear on that score.

When I discovered my tweet was, unexpectedly, being retweeted, I decided to tweet a few clarifications. I did this because fake news is clearly a serious problem, and I don’t want anyone to accuse me of contributing to that. I am not asking anyone to pass on anything I say if they suspect this is malicious, a joke that could be mistaken for a fact, or the ravings of a lunatic. My clarifications are on twitter. But I want to expand on what I’ve already said. This is my first attempt to do that beyond Twitter.

This incident has been told by me to the best of my recollection. I can’t prove these cops were Special Branch, and I doubt I could identify them if shown photographs or they  were in a lineup, Usual Suspects style. Twitter’s 140 character limitation imposed on me shorthand. But I’m more than happy to fill in any gaps, to clarify what could be misinterpreted, or deal with any typos I may have missed.

For all I know, these two Special Branch officers could be anyone. But within earshot of many of my neighbours, both did threaten to break in unless I got out of bed and spoke to them. My next door neighbour will have heard them tell me they wouldn’t speak to me through my letter box, insisting that I open my front door.

My neighbour will have heard them ask to get into my flat, and my refusing to do that unless they had a warrant, which they admitted they didn’t have. I was offered no ID. They wouldn’t let me record their names, and I couldn’t possibly prove they would be who they  claimed even if they did provide names. Bob Lambert, after all, lied on oath about who he was: a rapist cop with an ID stolen from a dead baby, an agent provocateur who is protected to this day by Theresa May and Amber Rudd as well as Tom Watson, Keir Starmer, and dozens of Privy Council members a majority of whom are probably ex-Labour ministers, like regular commentators on Andrew Neil’s ‘This Week’ and Rupert Murdoch’s SKY News daily paper review: Alan Johnson and Jacqui Smith respectively.

These Special Branch officers told me to stop trying to get my MP – Mhairi Black – to raise my being detained without trial for a month without access to a lawyer, and tortured into the bargain, during the Leveson hearings. They don’t want Prime Ministers Questions to expose the Prime Minister to democratic scrutiny for my being tortured, and almost killed by means of a lethal drug. Or my being subjected  to an eighteen months malicious prosecution which was sanctioned by police spy Frances Curran MSP, working in tandem the entire time with West of Scotland Regional Procurator Fiscal John Miller.

Special Branch and their political bosses in Theresa May’s government (herself and Home Secretary Amber Rudd) know that GCHQ have access to many hours of tapes: recordings with senior journalists, Chief Superintendents and a police spy or two that verify my version of events beyond a shadow of a doubt. These tapes (or whatever they use these days) can expose judges and lawyers as well as senior ‘journalists’, and half a dozen individuals who committed perjury alongside David Cameron’s Director of Communications, Andy Coulson.

These tapes will expose violent cops who were behind my being hospitalised during a break-in of my flat at 50c St Ninians Road Paisley by two thugs with razor blades and a metal bar on 16 March 2003. The intrusion into my home this week by someone I’d reported to cops for his previous attempt to break in (he broke in after someone was paid to trick me to leave my flat) resulted in more vandalism to my home, on Monday, I think it was. But someone at Mhairi Black’s office is stopping her hearing about any of this. I don’t know the name of who is doing that. According to these two Special Branch officers, my MP knows all about this, and, according to these Special Branch officers, she told them to turn up to my home and threaten me. Why did they run away after both told me they’d spoken directly to Mhairi Black? I have a theory about that.

I knew these Special Branch officers must be lying. Why on Earth would Mhairi Black follow me on twitter if she wanted to gag me, if she felt I was some kind of stalker? Why wouldn’t she block me from following her? Makes no sense. And it would be out of character with everything the world knows about her. It isn’t her, but someone at her office who is working with Special Branch to keep my MP out of the loop, making it impossible for her to do the job we pay her to do.

And Mhairi Black should be angry at everyone involved in this coverup. My MP urgently needs to find out who these cops were. Who sanctioned their threats? Who told them to tell me they’d been sent by Mhairi Black? Home Secretary Amber Rudd? Or does it go all the way  to Theresa May herself? I suspect both have been denied plausible deniability in this case, and there may be some paper trail leading into 10 Downing Street itself. If Mhairi Black can prove what I am alleging during PMQs, then the Prime Minister would have no option but to resign.

Is there a tape of my conversation with these two Special Branch officers? I bet there is. I bet that is why both of them ran away when I went to get a glass of water. They realised they’d fucked up big-time. They can’t use anything in that tape as they’d have to show they lied about Mhairi Black sanctioning any of these threats to me. Their jobs are on the line. And so is the job of anyone else involved. Might Theresa May have to resign, maybe face impeachment charges? I think that’s entirely possible. And that, just to be crystal clear, is also not a joke.

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