Socialists must expose British Intelligence


Some people on the left are working overtime to whitewash the intelligence agencies. Anyone who wants us to be sceptical is being smeared as a ‘conspiracy theorist’. I have nothing but contempt for such ‘socialists’.

Posted this on Facebook about the latest German atrocity:

  • “This is a very shallow analysis. In the first place, no attempt is made to justify your confidence. Why would the state make it easy to solve all the clues? Just because someone spent time in jail doesn’t prove he wasn’t turned, possibly while in prison. The state’s most effective assets will be those who started off as true believers who were alienated/saw the light, or blackmailed/bribed into switch sides to stop spending life behind bars, and make a tidy profit into the bargain. That is not to say the state is necessarily guilty of using Freddie Scappaticci type serial killers in this particular instance. It is merely calling on the left to keep an open mind until all the evidence is in. Only those who jump to conclusions without caring about evidence deserve to be dismissed as ‘conspiracy theorists’. As Richard Feynman said about every kind of science, we need educated guesses, then we test our working hypotheses for evidence. If none is found, then we can prove nothing one way or the other. Anything else is complacency, and very helpful to the capitalist state: the enemy of every socialist.”
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