Never mind Owen Jones. Here’s Rosa Luxemburg


I’m  posting this blog to explain a change to my blog. For as long as I can remember, it’s had a quote from Owen Jones, taken from the short film he made for Andrew Neil‘s Daily Politics explaining ‘How to be a leftie’. He reminded us that “The enemy of socialists is capitalism, not each other.”

Owen Jones has made a mockery of those words. They are as true as they ever  were. I’m not dropping this quote from my blog because I no longer believe them. I do so because he no longer believes it.

The reality is Owen Jones is no longer any kind of socialist. Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters can count him among the enemies of socialism. He has declared war on all of us, and it’s time we stopped hoping he can be won back. He can’t.

Owen Jones’s only friends now are enemies of socialism, and cheerleaders for the parasites who exploit wages slaves, making their lives and the lives of their extended families miserable, then target the most oppressed victims of their rotten sytem, scapegoating any convenient distraction from their insatiable greed.

Muslims, refugees, those born in Britain but who, as far as Nigel Farage is concerned, look a bit funny, or speak with an accent they can’t decode. Any scapegoat will do. And Owen Jones’s friends climb aboard the bandwagon of the capitalists. The fact that he tries to disassociate himself from the worst of the xenophobes doesn’t impress me.

As Owen Jones used to appreciate, the enemies of socialists is capitalism. And we’re not going to let him forget it. And, while we will continue to fall out over strategy and tactics, we’ll debate repectfully with each other, and we’ll persuade most of the oppressed and exploited.. The fact he won’t stand alongside us is a matter of indifference to us now. He’s picked his side. So long, Owen Jones.

Owen Jones hasn’t sold out every single socialist principle  – yet. But that’s only to make him capable of disorienting our movement. His role is now to destroy our socialist movement, and he’s got more chance of doing that if he doesn’t admit where he’s heading. To be honest, he probably doesn’t know where his political journey will end, but it’s not going to be pretty.

Owen Jones will do everything he can to split the Labour Party alongside Hilary Benn, Tom Watson, Andy Burnham, Jon Ashworth, Sadiq Khan, Alan Johnson, Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair.

Owen Jones and his anti-socialist fellow travellers intend to steal as many assets of the Labour party as they can get away with, almost certainly aided and abetted by the capitalist courts whose contempt for trade unionists right to take effective industrial action lead indirectly to the formation of the Labour Party in the first place. Owen Jones is confident his wing of the Labour Party split will hoover up almost every one of today’s Parliamentary Labour Party, although the PLP will probably wait until votes of no confidence by their respective Constituency Labour Parties bar them from being the party’s candidate at the coming general election. Only then are they likely to come out as enemies of democracy, happily splitting the anti-Tory vote, just like Polly Toynbee and Shirley Williams did in the 1980s.

If Len McCluskey loses his election – as I think is possible -, then Owen Jones may work enthusiastically for splitting the trade union movement too. That would be catastrophic. However, what all socialists are now doing is fighting for the maximum numbers of Labour Party members/activists. And that is why exposing Owen Jones is now so important. His past means he can split Jeremy Corbyn supporters in a way that few others can.

Owen Jones has injected into Momentum a lethal toxin. I remain to be convinced by his promise that he voted for Jeremy Corbyn in the second of his two landslide victories. It’s entirely possible that he simply got caught on Channel4 News learning how astonished his parents would be if he didn’t vote for Jeremy Corbyn. They denied they’d stop loving him if he did end up voting for Smith, and I’m sure that’s true: we do love our children regardless of their politics, and our parents, siblings etc: Tony Benn died loving Hilary. No problem with that. But to deny they’d be disappointed in Owen Jones didn’t fool anyone. He may have cast his vote for Corbyn because one vote is unlikely to make the difference, and it’s best not to lie about things even when we know we can get away with it because intelligent people know our conscience will punish us with nightmares. Nevertheless, I don’t rule out Owen Jones voting for Smith, then lying about it. I no longer trust his word on anything.

From today, I’m changing the quote that sums up my blog from one taken from Owen Jones to one from Rosa Luxemburg, the Jewish woman who should be the inspiration for the left in today’s Labour Party and for those of us who remain, for the moment, outside it: socialism or barbarism.

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