Jeremy Corbyn is being murdered by Labour MPs


We are now being told that if the polls don’t improve Jeremy Corbyn will do the ‘honourable thing’ and fall on his sword. Those making this ‘promise’ on his behalf are no friends of Labour’s leader, or – alternatively – they’re not thinking this through.

How would the resignation of Corbyn help the anti-Tory movement? It wouldn’t. Not one little bit. The exact opposite is the case. Socialists inside and outside the Labour Party need to ask ourselves why the polls are this bad. And we need to ask ourselves why in today’s parliamentary by-elections Labour is being utterly crushed. The answer lies not in Jeremy Corbyn’s personal abilities. Nor does it lie in the newspapers being owned by ultra right right-wing capitalists. Closer to the truth, but still not hitting the mark, the problem is not exclusively in the television networks being mere mouthpieces for Rupert Murdoch, the capitalist CBI, HSBC, MI5, NSA, Royal Family etc. British television – it is true – is in the pocket of the forces of darkness. But there’s nothing we can do about this, at least not directly. No. Our real problem – the one we can do something about – lies within our own organisations. It lies with the PLP.

Jeremy Corbyn is an electoral asset

Jeremy Corbyn is indeed an electoral asset. When allowed to speak for himself, rather than being told what he believes by Tory broadcasters paid to lie to the voters, debating on a level playing field, he has destroyed all his competitors, disarming them with understatement, dry humour, and occupying the high moral ground, listening to the question, then engaging his – and our – brain, making Labour Party hustings events worth participating in.

Because Tom Watson can’t get rid of Jeremy Corbyn democratically, he blames the electorate for not letting him get what he wants. Labour’s degraded deputy leader is devoted to the cause of letting the capitalist courts ballot-rig on an industrial scale. And – so far – this McCarthyite hypocrite has been allowed to get away with it. Despite all his mass purges of socialists, Tom Watson still hasn’t been able to stop Jeremy Corbyn wiping the floor with Liz Kendall, Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper, Owen Smith, 95% of the Parliamentary Labour Party (possibly more than 95%) and the entire British Establishment out to destroy Tony Benn’s favorite MP.

Jeremy Corbyn will win in any fair fight. That is why BBC, SKY News, Channel4 News, ITV and Channel 5 stop this happening, censoring him and his voters, the overwhelming majority of Labour Party members. Disgusting, isn’t it?

What we suffer in Britain is state-orchestrated censorship propped up by Ofcom bosses whose idea of ‘political balance’ only proves that someone in high places is taking massive bribes from the parasites who own the means of production, distribution and exchange.

Jeremy Corbyn’s poll ratings are meaningless because Ofcom looks the other way while the BBC, SKY, Channel4 News etc deny the electorate the facts, spreading fake news to keep the ruling class happy. His supporters are censored from what passes for ‘debate’ in the  British media. It is wrong to blame voters for believing what they’re told. It’s as wrong to blame those who didn’t accept Galileo’s evidence about the Earth not being the centre of the universe because the Pope placed him under house arrest so the evidence was kept under lock and key.

We are not living in a real democracy. Voting is key to democracy, but in the absence of the facts, votes tell us very little. We need an informed electorate. But we don’t have that in Britain. Is there nothing we can do about this? There is. But screaming at the capitalists who own private news networks, or the BBC which is a member of the capitalist CBI, which casts doubt on its integrity, as the editors and those who employ staff have conflicts of interest when it comes to industrial relations, the economy at all levels of society – local, national, international – and all politics. Why be fair to Jeremy Corbyn when he is a living legacy from the days of Clause Four which underpinned the socialist recognition that private ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange is incompatible with winning the full fruits of our labour….

The BBC is a pillar of the British ruling class, turning a blind eye to MI5’s threat to assassinate Tony Benn if he was elected Prime Minister. It runs away from the role of Theresa May and Amber Rudd’s protecting Special Branch’s rapists and those serial killers paid to murder their own informers, then to blame the IRA, and to launch shoot-to-kill that lead to Special Branch murdering civil rights lawyers….

Socialists need to do something about this, and that requires securing a new generation of Labour MPs. Jeremy Corbyn can’t work miracles. He is electable, but almost no other Labour MP is. We don’t want them. We will not waste our votes on these people. Their CLPs need to give us people worth voting for, not those who can’t oppose Tory benefit cuts, handing still greater powers to GCHQ blackmailers and Special Branch rapists etc.

Only when Labour is able to expose the lies of the British establishment’s bullshit Tory mass media can the polls change. The start of this process is Constituency Labour Parties passing votes of no confidence in the MPs who crawl onto Newsnight, Skypapers, Channel4 News to echo Tory lies about Jeremy Corbyn and all the exploited and oppressed who are being betrayed by this PLP. Time is running out. Best to organise for the next general election which might be just a few months away.

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