Brave review [spoiler alert]:



I have only just gotten round to checking out Pixar’s Brave. Watched it a few times and I love it. Hard to rank it alongside other Pixar films as they are pretty much all classics. I knew it had won the Oscar but that didn’t prove anything in my book. Went to check out Rotten Tomatoes rating to get confirmation they love it too. And they don’t. Not exactly. 78%? Expected it to do a lot better than that. Their so-called ‘top critics’ gave it a mere 67%. I found that odd. Is it possible that my standards are slipping?

Many film fans couldn’t give a damn what other people think, especially professional critics: all that matters is what they think. I understand that point of view, but I am nevertheless interested in when and why my taste differs from the so-called experts. I gave some thought to what it…

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