Daily Diary [Part II]

I am writing an email for a Renfrewshire Council housing officer: Sheonna Docherty. I promised her that when she left on what seemed to be good terms last week… I warned her I don’t do brevity, and it would be a very detailed and in depths piece of writing. She raised no objections to that. But the more I think about it, the more I realize how long it has to be. No deadine was suggested by either of us; I am 100% positive on that. I said I’d send a copy to my MP – Mhairi Black. But the absence of a deadline, and the refusal of Sheonna or her hostile colleague (the bad cop to her good cop) to accept what I was telling them about their employers means the scale of what has to be included in my ’email’ is… intimidating. If I was to include everything that I want included, it would take months, if not years. Sheonna wouldn’t think we’d agreed to that. The only way to deal with this problem is by sending the agreed ’email’ in bits and pieces. I’ll deal with some things and send it off, and try to work on what I left out for lack of time, while waiting for a response to the initial ’email’. In the meantime, I will supplement the material emailed to Sheonna by reblogging material both Renfrewshire Council workers said they knew nothing about. Reblogging this piece is part of that process.. And I expect my MP to read this blog too, and not allow those vetting telephone calls from her constituents keeping her in the dark forever and a day. #VettedByMI5?


Where do I begin? Yesterday’s contribution was effectively a commitment to blog on a daily basis. And not just to blog erratically, on random subjects, but to stay focused on what’s important. I have too many threads to get the facts across in a single, relatively short blog post? Fine. I know what to do. I’ll break it down into chunks, getting some of the jigsaw pieces down in the right place before taking a rest. Incrementally I’ll get the job done. At any rate that’s my hope.

Rereading yesterday’s introduction I was struck by a rambling presentation. This could be a problem. I really should try to cut to the chase, cut out the padding, get down to business, and other equally pointless soundbites. I might cut out that last sentence when I find time to do a redraft.

I do not have a fixed plan as…

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