Open Letter to Andrea McGall Part I



Dear Andrea McGall,

You are the Renfrewshire Council Housing Officer who hand delivered a letter for me today. It wasn’t in an envelope and I picked it up, about 6:45pm, it scared me. My electricity had been cut off before I went to bed and I hoped it would be a powercut and be okay when I got up again. Alas, I was still electricity-free. No access to the internet. No way to recharge the battery in my phone. No idea if I’d get the electricity back. I phoned my MP, Mhairi Black first. Just an answering machine?

After two attempts to leave a message on Mhairi’s answering machine (due to not knowing my telephone number without having to write it down and having no pen with which to write it down, plus an extremely dry throat which meant I had to get water before I could speak), I eventually…

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