Owen Jones is an anti-socialist traitor

Expel Owen Jones. #SoftCoup #JC4PM @OwenJones84 #Marr #TorySaboteur


Owen Jones has destroyed those microscopic shreds of credibility he had left. No longer should he be considered any part of the left. He should be treated like the traitor he is.

Nevertheless, it is crucial for socialists to be careful about how we expose this renegade. We need to be careful not because we hope to win him back; I’ve written him off, and so should you. Our problem is he is one of the key weapons in Tom Watson’s McCarthyite arsenal precisely because of his past reputation which was – IMHO – admirable, at least up to a point.

Socialists need to detach Owen Jones’s young, immature activist fans. And we can only do that by accepting he wasn’t always like this.

Everyone should watch the video Owen Jones made several years ago for the Daily Politics. I thought it was so good I uploaded it to @Youtube…

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