April fOOl’s up entire Month

April Fool’s Day. What’s the point?
Fake-news. Each day. Time out-of-joint
#Napowrimo. Inflates. Grows
Dark-energy. Ben-Okri knows
Sneeze and snooze and freeze your booze
Eye for eye. I win. You lose.

Thirty days and thirty nights
Fool mOOn comes sOOn.
Diamond-ring lights
Man and son and woman too.
Stick together. Superglue
Family with dog and cats.
Sister drives her brother bats
Haunted house. Dicks and twats.
Boring-old-farts. Puking brats

Baby born into this world.
Big bang. Helix. Sick. Slime. Hurled
Spinning pies with eyes are twirled.
Crow feet flies. A straight line curled
Once upon a primal wave
He or she will have to shave.
She may be Rene Descartes.
Thinks she’s not. Feels her heart
Knowing world bigger than her.
Tardis-head.  Funhouse-mirror

Reflections reflect things beyond.
Studies her-story. What spawned
What came before. What will survive
To be some particles that dive
Ruby’s surface tension. Splatt.
Red-ripples ring what had been flat
Things are what they are. That’s all
Cinderella? Hah! Snowball.
But in the past she could not crawl
Now a robot. Self-made doll
Sign away for heat melts wall
Laugh out loud sounds. I scream lol.

Lick a lolly. Make it grow
Do it fast. Do it slow
Stick your change into a slot
One-armed-bandit. Binary dot
She came on seesaw. Cot to cot
Her goal’s a soul that can’t be bought
A great soulmate who’s tall and hot
And children to teach to be kind
Watching pocket clocks unwind
Empathy. Faust’s pact unsigned
Rest in peace. Asleep. Deaf. Blind

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