Twitter isn’t listening?


When I logged on to the internet half an hour ago, I got a message fromm Twitter informing me they’d made changes that will be implemented in one month. I was given a link to the changes and then told I could ask a question about these changes. When I asked my question Twitter wouldn’t let me ask it and no explanation was given. Since Twitter is not in a mood to listen to me, I thought I should let users of Twitter see what was on my mind and maybe we can all ask if Twitter has a problem it is refusing to address. Here is my question:

  • I want to ask about people suspended for violations of twitter’s rules being allowed to set up mulitple accounts to do the same thing. Fake accounts have been set up with false names and faces to frame myself and others who share my political views. If these were parody accounts twitter would force them to admit that’s what they are. But they are malicious violent racists trying to paint me and all Jeremy Corbyn supporters as supporters of violent antisemitism. Can you verify that twitter makes no checks when those you suspend for breaking the criminal law then set up identical accounts with the same name doing the same thing all over again? Can you confirm that you don’t care if the phone number and email address of the new accounts is the same as the one you suspended? Can you explain why I have to suffer these fake accounts framing me and all other Jeremy Corbyn supporters whose criminality is claimed as ‘evidence’ by ‘journalists’ at the BBC, SKY News, Channel4 News etc? If the answers to my questions is you are not protecting myself and others from these fake accounts then I think you need to change your policy. New accounts with the same email and telephone number as those suspended should be automatically blacklisted. And even if the offender uses new phone numbers/email addresses, their behavior should be scrunized and appropriate action taken.
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