Twitter protects a fascist who is framing Jeremy Corbyn [updated]






  • I interpret this as the latest in a series of death threats by a supporter of Nick Griffin who has stolen five faces of Muslims from the internet to set up four fake accounts that call for mass murder of Jews, gays, Zionists, Blairites and anyone who is not a Muslim as defined by him. He is not a Muslim. This is a criminal con artist supporter of Nick Griffin who is using these fake accounts to blame Jeremy Corbyn for his calls for mass murder to help so called journalists at the BBC, SKY, Channel4 News, ITV and Channel5. He keeps threatening me with death for exposing him and he belongs behind bars. I can’t understand why Twitter doesn’t care about this. Please justify yourself.

I sent this to @Twitter when I told them I interpret some of @LabSaleh’s latest tweets as death threats to me and one other user of Twitter who has exposed this individual as a troll who has stolen five faces and invented four names to set up four accounts that repeatedly call for murdering Jews, gays, Zionists and Blairites in the name of all Muslims and of Jeremy Corbyn.

I have repeatedly had emojis of guns, knives, trucks, bombs and explosives tweeted at me as my reward for not supporting his interpretations of the teachings of Allah.

Abu Saleh has stolen faces of dead Muslim scholars, young men on dating sites, of people on dating sites, and of a wikipedia entry that represents ‘beards. The names of these innocent Muslims are dropped and other invented names attributed to his calls for mass murder. And the repeated retweeting of Jeremy Corbyn, Labour’s official twitter accounts, and dozens of the most prominent Jeremy Corbyn supporters as well as the Stop the War Coalition are used to trick people into thinking we are dealing with a genuine Jeremy Corbyn supporter.

Two of his four fake accounts use Jeremy Corbyn’s face in the header and three used the #JC4PM hashtag is used to imply he wants Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister. In reality however, he is an enthusiastic supporter of Nick Griffin and he repeatedly supports the most extreme right wing Tories and UKIP members such as Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Michael Gove and Nigel Farage. How could anyone seriously mistake him for a Jeremy Corbyn supporter? Unfortunately they do.

Tory broadcasters like Sky News’s Jason Farrell ignores the evidence of these accounts being fake, focussing instead on the existance of the #JC4PM hashtag and other paraphenalia to ‘prove’ Labour is associated with these crimes. Twitter is, thus, a key pillar in this bid to corrupt democratic process in Britain and they need to be held to account for this, including their turning a blind eye to repeated death threats to those – such as myself  – who has exposed what is going on.


  • I have edited the above, mostly to eliminate typos, and also to improve grammar/style just a little. But the main reason to add anything today is to acknowledge that one of these accounts has been suspended. That’s two out of four. The other two accounts remain, but when the owner sets a new one up he tends to ignore his old ones. My guess is he will set up another account rather than return to his other ones, but I doubt he’ll follow me again since he must know I’ll be able to identify him and I doubt he’ll want to be suspended again. [Saturday 26 May 2018, 4:26pm]
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