Why is Twitter defending bullies and idiots?


“Jo Coburn is an idiot. She is a bully. She is a liar. She is a racist. She is utterly clueless. What the hell is she doing paid from the public purse? Sack her. ”

@Twitter has suspended my @derekthomas2010 account until I agree that this tweet constitutes targetted harrassment. And their complaint implicitly asks me to concede I may be wishing her physical harm, or something like that. I can’t remember the exact words but when I got to appeal against this decision I was denied enough space to justify my appeal. How fair is that?

Since Twitter have removed the specific allegation against all my tweets I’m having to rely on memory since I didn’t make a note of it. But anyone who simply caves into twitter is implicitly conceding a charge of wishing someone physical harm. That is an extremely serious charge and there’s no way I will do that without resisting as far as I can. If twitter gets away with their false allegation then the site is in very serious trouble.

What about the less serious allegations? If Twitter conceded they did in fact make a mistake in asking me to accept an implicit charge of wishing someone physical harm can I justify the rest of my tweets? I believe so. And not just in the above tweet but in every single case.

Nevertheless, if any of my tweets constitute ‘targetted harrassment’ by Twitter’s ‘rules’ then I’ll grudgingly accept whatever rules we are told to accept. However, I’ll simultaneously insist everyone else on twitter does the same. I don’t think Twitter have thought this through. I don’t believe they are remotely ready for the amount of calls for their verified accounts being brought to heel for doing exactly what they accuse me of doing. They can’t say they weren’t warned.

Furthermore, even if Twitter insit on imposing a set of hypocritical censorship against most users of the site then that would hardly stop the exact same charges being made elsewhere, in blogs such as this one. Don’t they realize that Twitter’s reputation would suffer as a result of telling us we can’t tell idiots and bullies that that is exactly what they are? Jo Coburn is and always has been an idiot and a bully and forcing me to delete tweets that tell her that doesn’t change a thing.

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