Should I surrender to Twitter?

I want my Twitter account back asap. All I have to do is delete five tweets. However, by doing that I will be implicitly accepting an outrageous allegation the precise wording of which I don’t remember.

I hope Twitter will accept my appeal without forcing me to delete any of the five tweets they claim violate their rules. Until I get feedback I will wait. If they accept their complaint could have been better worded I’ll accept that apology. Nevertheless, I’ll still want to see the exact reasoning for their allegation that I broke any rules. I don’t think I did and would be very disappointed if they tell me to delete any of my five tweets. Having said that, if they tell me that some of these tweets do by their definitions constitute targetted harrassment then I’ll take whatever action they demand: I’ll delete one, some, or even all of them if that’s what it takes. But there would be repurcussions in any decision to force me to delete those tweets. What I mean by that is I will report anyone doing the exact thing they claim I did and I don’t think they’ll be happy with having to devote so many resources to millions of users demanding that everyone who calls others idiots, bullies or liars should be investigated for so called targetted harrassment.

Until Twitter gets back to me with their decision and until I am allowed to use my account again I’ll rely on this blog to get my message across.

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