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Channel Four News: tabloid ‘journalism’, trial by television, Tories and ghouls

I was deeply upset by the news yesterday when I learned of the death of Brenda Leyland. Don’t mind in the least sharing the fact I shed tears. Many times during the day. Brenda may have had questions to answer; … Continue reading

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Jon Snow is an extra in the centenary remake of Michael Gove’s favorite war – WWIII: This time it’s personal!

Jon Snow is a tame poodle of NATO. He and 90% of Channel Four News broadcasters are no better than megaphones for everything that is rotten in Britain’s Tory Establishment. Laughing as captured P.O.W.s are tortured to death in a … Continue reading

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Left Unity against the BBC!

I propose socialists unite against the BBC. When I call for left unity against the BBC, this is short-hand. By ‘left unity’, I am not referring exclusively to the ‘organization’ claiming 8,000 supporters, on the basis of an online petition. … Continue reading

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