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Rupert Murdoch thinks he is above the law? Time for him to wake up.

Please sign my petition to expose the tabloid ‘journalism’ of Rupert Murdoch, driving people to an early death. Fight for a public inquiry into the role of this billionaire foreigner mangling Britain’s democracy and justice system: https://www.change.org/p/david-cameron-launch-a-public-inquiry-into-trial-by-television-reference-must-be-made-to-brenda-leyland-denied-legal-representation-by-sky-news-threatened-with-jail-and-now-dead

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Left Unity against the BBC!

I propose socialists unite against the BBC. When I call for left unity against the BBC, this is short-hand. By ‘left unity’, I am not referring exclusively to the ‘organization’ claiming 8,000 supporters, on the basis of an online petition. … Continue reading

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