Are Scots who oppose Scottish independence ‘traitors’?

Is John Beattie a 'traitor'?

Is John Beattie a ‘traitor’?

Any vote has to accept the legitimacy of those who vote against you. If you reject this basic proposition, you should refuse to legitimize the ballot by boycotting it, calling on others to follow your example. If you deny voters the right to vote whatever way they deem fit, then the process is a farce from start to finish.

Scottish independence supporters who descend into dismissing all NO voters as traitors are a disaster from a strategic point of view. Is it wrong in principle to call NO voters traitors? That depends what is meant by the question.

If we are dealing with a blanket condemnation of everyone who votes against independence, then yes, it is wrong in principle. However, I don’t think we will win the referendum if we don’t accept that the NO campaign is being lead by all the most reactionary forces in society: Orange Order, xenophobic Thatcherites of UKIP, British Intelligence, those who gave us MI5′s dodgy dossiers, with all the loss of life in Iraq, which has made the world a much more dangerous place, with those more extreme than Al Qaeda knocking at the door, and victims of NATO’s war against Muslims driving the oppressed into the arms of a different kind of reactionary. Apart from helping corrupt war criminal Tony Blair make a hundred million pounds in ill-gotten earnings, what have these people done for anyone?

Obviously, not everyone rejects independence for reactionary reasons. There is the question of the economy. If Project Fear is having an effect (and it undoubtedly is), then obviously those who think independence will turn Scots into paupers are not doing anything reactionary by voting against this. It is not them, but the BBC bosses, members of the CBI, effectively an arm of the Tory Party, that is burying the truth about economic reality.

Some socialists will vote against independence because they haven’t thought things through. They want to protect our English brothers and sisters from a relatively stronger Tory vote at Westminster. What they are doing is wrong, but they are doing it for the best of motives. This doesn’t make them ‘traitors’.

The way to win the referendum is by convincing those who have fallen prey to BBC lies, and to the lies of SKY News and Channel4 News. It is about explaining that the forces of reaction oppose independence for specific reasons of self-interest.

Attacking JK Rowling the way she was attacked damaged us, and there is no point pretending otherwise. She did not become a bad writer because she gave her money to the wrong campaign, a fact that is obvious the moment we ask how she would have been treated had she given the money to us. JK Rowling has every right to vote they way she intends, and she has just as much right to be open about doing this. It is not her fault that the BBC makes a big deal about one author siding with the BBC’s NO Campaign, while turning a deaf ear to the 95% of authors who back the YES Campaign.

If JK Rowling has reasons for her decision, and wants to use to them to convince others, then her arguments should be debated. If her arguments are poor, it is not trolling to say what we believe is wrong with them. Not if we do it correctly, rather than lie about how poor her writing is. Neither is it wrong to explain why the rich, of which JK Rowling is a well-known representative, are overwhelmingly opposed to Scottish independence.

Tories, Lib Dems and UKIP won’t get a sniff of power in an independent Scotland due to their association with wretched right-wing policies. Ed Miliband’s Labour Party is being outflanked on the left everywhere. And not before time. The rich fear Scots in an independent state will vote for redistributive taxation. And we certainly will, regardless of whether Alex Salmond wants that or not. The rich on both sides of the border fear this, and their anxieties are well-founded, and not only in Scotland. Scots in an independent state will foment a rise in the forces of the left in England also. The BBC know this. They just refuse to let their viewers and listeners hear the arguments.

What we are dealing with is a debate about strategy and tactics, and principles too. I think one of the problems the YES Campaign now has is frustration that the BBC’s Project Fear has dented the progress of the YES Campaign more than we expected, and time is rapidly running out.

People want to express their rage at the BBC, and I am all for that. But those we have not convinced are becoming collateral damage in a justified war of words against what the mass media is doing. This can’t possibly help the YES Campaign. When it comes to our target audience (that being most ordinary Scots), we need to patiently explain. And that means being respectful to those we have yet to convince. Unless we do that, we will so anger them that they won’t merely sit on their hands and say ‘a plague on both your houses’; they will turn up on polling day to make sure we are defeated.

Only by being respectful to ordinary Scots who disagree with us will we win their ear, then give ourselves a chance of talking them round in the closing weeks of this once-in-a-generation referendum. Telling voters they are traitors if we don’t convince them, is the daftest thing we could possibly do. Please, gonnae no dae that.

[The inspiration for this post came from a thread started on Citizen Smart's Facebook, which I liked, and which I consider very timely:]

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Why have I changed my Twitter and Facebook avatars?

Paul Hutcheon helped Andy Coulson, Frances Curran and Chris Bambery

Paul Hutcheon helped Andy Coulson, Frances Curran and Chris Bambery

I have changed my Facebook and my Twitter avatar today, and I want to explain why. This could take some time. I loved my last avatar of David Cameron with Andy Coulson in the shadows, with a big YES declaring my support for Scottish independence. I have kept the YES Twibbon, but it is now on a rather small profile pic of Scotland’s Journalist of the year (allegedly) for 2014: Paul Hutcheon. Paul followed me on Twitter, unexpectedly, then for reasons I have yet to ascertain, abandoned this plan within a very short time. Was it something I said? Can’t be that since I was still writing my blog when I discovered he’d had second thoughts. I have started a protracted assessment of Paul Hutcheon in my blog.

I have merely introduced the topic of Paul Hutcheon here:

But I intend to flesh out my allegation – one I believe I can substantiate to the satisfaction of any jury should he dare to sue me for libel – that he is up to his neck in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. That conspiracy involved Prime Minister David Cameron’s senior staff. And that conspiracy was set up to protect the identities of several undercover cops and agents of British Intelligence.

I further allege that senior front benchers in Ed Miliband’s cabinet have helped protect these undecover cops and agents of British Intelligence from public scrutiny. And I am not above suggesting that Ed Miliband’s support for emergency powers for the MI5 criminals who are responsible for pedophile crimes and for blackmail at the Kincora Boys Home (covered up by the British Establishment for four decades), in the process delaying decisions over his Shadow Cabinet reshuffle until after he sees which of his spineless backbenchers will vote alongside him to grant powers to these criminals is not unrelated to the behavior of Paul Hutcheon, vis-a-vis this conspiracy that involved David Camerons’ senior staff.

I have a great deal more to say about this. It may help the debate on how the Scottish electorate should cast our vote on the 18th of September. I think it has a bearing on how important it is for the people here to protect ourselves from British Intelligence and from Labour Home Secretaries and Chief Whips who blackmail their own MPs in exchange for covering up their child sex abuse of ‘little boys’.


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Better Together with MI5 pedos, blackmailers and Tory Chief Whips?

Better Together supports MI5 pedophiles and blackmailers at Kincora Boys Home

Better Together supports MI5 pedophiles and blackmailers at Kincora Boys Home

Ed Miliband, David Cameron and Nick Clegg keep the Scottish government in the dark about the powers they are handing to MI5 to carry out surveillance against the lawyers for victims of MI5 pedophiles at Kincora Boys Home.

Ed Miliband, David Cameron and Nick Clegg join hands to give emergency powers to the MI5 pedophiles and blackmailers who will use these powers to defy a court judgement, to spy on their own potential whistle-blowers determined to expose a four decades-long coverup of MI5 criminality.

Ed Miliband, David Cameron and Nick Clegg need to help these pedophiles and blackmailers in MI5. They need to help these criminals abuse the powers of a police state. They need this to ensure the sources of investigative journalists dry up. They need this to stop campaigning MPs like Tom Watson, who they know will find his sources intimidated, framed by undercover cops like Bob Lambert, prosecuted due to agent provocateurs whose perjury is sanctioned by Home secretaries such as these guys and gals:

  1. Jack Straw
  2. David Blunkett
  3. John Reid
  4. Charles Clarke
  5. Alan Johnson
  6. Jacqui Smith

Ed Miliband’s MPs refuse to investigate any allegation that those Labour Home Secretaries. My constituency MP – Douglas Alexander  – has refused to see me about these Home Secretaries who appear to have sanctioned perjury in order to send socialists to jail, and other crimes even more serious.

JACK STRAW 2 david blunkett 2 JOHN REID 2 charles clarke with guns alan johnson two fingers JACQUI SMITH


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Kincora Boys Home.

Kincora Boys Home.

Many a slip. Cup and lip.
No use boys crying. Banana-skin slip
Miliband clown who’s not a bit hip.
Custard-PIE MI5. Kincora’s Drip.

Iceberg fools Titanic raft rip.
Deck-chair shuffle. Bye-bye ship.
Shit creek paddle. MI5 alive zip.
Pedo-blackmail-lifeboat? Labour’s Chief Whip.

21-may-js-miliband 07.jpg

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Why does Ed Miliband protect MI5 pedophiles and blackmailers at Kincora Boys Home?

Who framed Colin Wallace? And why does Ed Miliband want emergency powers for MI5 to gag child abuse victims at Kincora Boys Home?

If there is one MP who has not let us down, then it is Tom Watson. Nevertheless, is he not wrong when he says it is now down to how MPs vote in Parliament? Not sure that need be the end of it. Not quite.

Ed Miliband is likely to carry the overwhelming majority of Labour MPs as they have expressed their desire to behave like cattle, voting without thinking through the consequences of what they are doing. Their response to dog whistles that skreetch “NATIONAL SECURITY!” reduces most of them to the proverbial Pavlov’s dog, drowning out each other in sickeningly sycophantic saliva.

Nevertheless, all is not quite lost. There will still be a few more hours in the Lord, where a handful of decent people may be able to kick up such a fuss. Helena Kennedy, perhaps? And if the threat of such a backlash seems immanent, and possibly quite likely, then who knows? A last minute backbench rebellion from all parliamentarians across all parties? This may seem unlikely, but what if it doesn’t happen? What then?

If nothing is done to overthrow this deal by the leaders of all three main parties, every MP who refuse to behave as they were elected to will have disgraced themselves. Maybe, just in time, they may come under pressure to do a Mea Culpa, then backtrack. They must know we could be witnessing one of those rare historic moments when the tectonic plates shift rapidly and dramatically. It could be like the revelations over MPs’ expenses, when everyone ran for cover, when they had to resign, resign from government, resign as MPs, and sometimes to end up behind bars.

It is time for Ed Miliband to take a break from trying to master how to eat a sandwich with dignity and wake up and pay attention to the voters. Listen to our anger, anger likely to be directed against MPs who cravenly grant emergency powers, without any proper scrutiny, from the democratic half of the legislature to the most powerful pillar of this British Establishment that is up to its eyeballs in pedophilia, and blackmail too, exerting their excessively authoritarian powers in the shadows.

The voters may just be ready to declare a plague on all your houses if the latest echo of an admission by Tory whips of two decades ago suggest (as strikes me as almost a cast-iron certainty) that Labour’s front bench is acquiescing in this monstrous stitch-up to protect Labour Chief Whips as well as Tory and Liberal Democrat ones who agreed to cover up child sex abuse in order to blackmail their own Members of Parliament to vote the way the whips wanted them to vote.

The electorate is not quite as stupid as all three party leaders take us to be. Just because the Tory hacks at the BBC, SKY News and Channel4 News networks refuse to challenge Ed Miliband and the other party leaders proves nothing. Voters can see through the liars without any help from broadcasters in hock to the CBI, GCHQ, Royal Family et al.

Voters are starting to see  what has been going on in our name. What has been going on for the last several decades: Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith got away with what they did because they had friends in high places. And it seems that their friends in the British Establishment still expect to be able to put together a blatant coverup to stop the voters getting a glimpse of reality. All these bungled attempts to foist the likes of Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss on us backfire. Social media, instant research on the internet by hundreds of thousands of citizen journalists mean we can do the broadcasters’ job for them. We can hold the British government to account even if ‘Fleet Street’, the broadcast media and 99% of MPs from all three main parties sell their soul to the MI5 devil.

The people are waking up, with a little help from citizen journalists, social media, the wisdom of crowds. The idea the people don’t care about politicians, judges, those who work for Special Branch and MI5 and civil servants being able to get away with these crimes when it is our children are the victims… Sorry, but this won’t work.

Ed Miliband is destined to pay a very heavy price for what he has done in closing ranks behind the forces who want a police state, spiced up by a little child sex abuse and blackmail. Abdicating his duty to scrutinize grossly unjust legislation in this area will make Ed Miliband’s sandwich-munching catastrophe look like a stroke of genius by comparison. Ed Miliband’s days are numbered, and I for one will not be sorry to see him go.


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Theresa May has lost the plot over Baroness Butler-Sloss:

petition callinig on elizabeth butler sloss to resign

Tom Watson is one of the few people in parliament to be trusted when we discuss the issue of what to do about an alleged pedophile network operating at the very heart of the British Establishment. That does not mean I agree with everything he says. Firstly, the terms of the inquiry remain vague. Ending this is key. But can we trust Theresa May now to select a chair? I utterly reject that idea. Her insistence that Baroness Butler-Sloss is effectively the victim of irresponsible mob rule exposes why she is not fit to pick a chair for this inquiry.

Baroness Butler-Sloss should have known from the very start that she was not fit to do this job. She was never going to be accepable if only due to the perception of a conflict of interest. Family connections matter. Victims and all voters would never have accepted an inquiry chaired by the sister of Sir Michael Havers. Not given what I could find on the internet after a mere five minutes research after hearing the name of Butler-Sloss.

Families matter. They matter because we are all human, and sibling relations live with us always, at least until death or Altzheimers rob us of our memories; and if you are as prone to a belief in an afterlife as Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss claims to be, they live on even after our bodies rot underground.

We cannot put love for our nearest and dearest aside in the eyes of the public, even when we try our best to do that. Parents, children, brothers, sisters, and others we love make mistakes, and worse. We feel a duty to stand by them despite everything, in almost all circumstances, even when they commit crimes society as a whole thinks abominable. We do this, not because we want them to be granted special rights we would deny others, but because we remember them before they lost their way, and perhaps even feel some guilt for letting them lose their very soul.

Greek tragedies, those of Shakespeare and others – film noire too – are often based on the hero/heroine being torn apart due to their love for an individual being at odds with what they know doing the right thing means, when viewed from the perspective of society as a whole. If we look deep into our hearts, we know we cannot be trusted when it comes to a conflict of interest between close family connections and loved ones, on the one hand, and doing the right thing, on the other.

And that is why Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss would never have been allowed to be a judge when her brother was the defendant. And it is why she should never have been allowed to take on this responsibility. Theresa May’s inability to grasp this elementary fact exposes her. That is a problem, one that casts doubt in her own enthusiasm for getting to the bottom of what went on with the destruction of these 114 Home Office files in particular, and the alleged pedophile network at the heart o the British Establishment more generally.

Drawing a veil over Theresa May’s lack of self-awareness of her personal responsibility doesn’t help her. It doesn’t help the victims of child sex abuse. And it doesn’t help the voters get to the bottom of what went on.

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We need to talk about Hutcheon [@paulhutcheon]. Part I:

Paul Hutcheon helped British Intelligence conspire to pervert the course of justice

Paul Hutcheon helped British Intelligence conspire to pervert the course of justice

In a few hours time, Ed Miliband is going to herd hundreds of Labour MPs sheep-like into the same lobby as David Cameron’s evil Tories and Nick Clegg’s discredited Liberal Democrats. Is it the role of A dozen Labour Home Secretaries with something to hide, and/or Labour Chief Whips covering up child sex abuse to blackmail MPs into voting ‘the right way’ that explains what Ed Miliband is up to? What other explanation can there posssibly be? Why else would Labour’s leader hand yet more powers to Britain’s secret police?

Tom Watson – in response to a direct question on the floor of The House – was offered a solemn promise by Home Secretary Theresa May. During her statement about the need for a public inquiry into a conspiracy at the heart of the British Establishment to protect a pedophile network that neither Special Branch nor MI5 could rely on the so-called ‘national interest’ to protect criminals within either of these organizations, those found guilty of playing any part in this conspiracy.

The role of British Intelligence at the pedophile ring at the Kincora Boys Home has been discussed for four decades on the left. I recall award-winning investigative journalist Paul Foot’s “Who Framed Colin Wallace?” addressing this in the 1980s, if not earlier. And yet, days after Home Secretary Theresa May made her cast-iron guarantee, she is asking all MPs to hand emergency powers to Special Branch and to MI5. What will Norman Baker’s chums let Britain’s secret police do with these powers? I’ll tell you what: flout the spirit of the legal decision made against them.

Norman Baker says there is no time for serious parliamentary scrutiny of a piece of legislation worthy of a police state. And why is there no time, Norman? This so-called scourge of British Intelligence says his Liberal Democratic colleagues in government dragged their feet so ineptly in cabinet committees until there was no time left for such scrutiny by Britain’s so-called safeguard against an almighty executive.

And Ed Miliband and Yvette Cooper are satisfied that those who may have played key roles in this British Establishment coverup of pedophiles for four decades, possibly more, need these powers to snoop. They need these powers on the bizarre basis that if we have nothing to hide we have nothing to fear.

What about those who fear being punished for being whistle-blowers against their bosses at MI5 and Special Branch? What about the lawyers for the victims of child sex abuse perpetrated by MI5 and Special Branch at Kincora Boys Home or elsewhere? What about investigative journalists – those like the late Paul Foot – who will find their sources running for cover as Britain’s secret police will know they have been in contact, who are then set up, framed, by agent provocateurs, by state rapists, by perjurers of the Bob Lambert variety? What about those who ask for Tom Watson’s help to expose MI5 and Special Branch? What about us?

A few hours ago I was surprised to find my old friend, Scottish journalist of the year 2014 (allegedly), Paul Hutcheon, had chosen to follow me on Twitter. When I noticed this I had to ask myself if I had not already blocked him. It seems I had not. “I wonder what he wants,” I asked myself. Should I follow him back? No, why don’t I just take this opportunity to blog about him again, connecting his working with those who conspired alongside Bob Lambert types and staff of Prime Minister David Cameron to pervert the course of justice, and others at Rupert Murdoch’s News International? So, that’s what I’m doing today. Feedback from parliamentarians, investigative journalists, broadcasters, lawyers, Paul Hutcheon himself, would be more than welcome. This, by the way, is merely Part I of this expose of Paul’s role in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice alongside police spies. Much more on the way, connecting it to senior members of Ed Miliband’s front bench team, in particular my constituency MP – Douglas Alexander – and Education Shadow Secretary, Tristram Hunt, as well as many former Labour Home Secretaries, in particular David Blunkett.



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