If you are not watching Max Keiser’s Keiser Report, why is that? BBC’s McCarthyism?


Global financial markets are bizarre. They are simply not working the way we are told they should. The debt to GDP ratio in the United Kingdom today is much worse than it was on the eve of the 2008 crash. This is a bubble that is going to burst before too long. The ‘smart money’ has already gotten out, or is in the process of doing this.

Liam Halligan‘s article in the latest edition of Andrew Neil’s publication, ‘The Spectator’, is sounding the alarm for those who should know this already, and would if they watched Max Keiser‘s show. As Max and Liam agreed on their interview on this morning’s Keiser Report, no one can predict precisely which of the many snowflake will be the one that precipitates the avalanche, the spark that sets the global economy on fire. But it won’t just be the rich alone who will suffer, those rats who were just a little bit too greedy to abandon the sinking ship.

Even directly, it won’t just be the greed-is-good parasites who will end up losing everything. Those misinformed by the economics editors at the BBC, SKY News and Channel4 News are going to have their hard-earned life savings flushed down the toilet. That could be the redundancy money of your parents, your grandparents, some of your friends.

This is a tragedy for that section of the working class too naive to have a healthy skepticism towards Britain’s official news, politics and current affairs programs. The editors of most of these programs are not much more than tools of the CBI and the parties of big business.

The official inflation figures are a con. Markets are rigged. The corrupt bastards behind this rigging are getting away with slaps on the wrist, if that. People are working for slave wages, little more than benefits, living hand to mouth. They can’t afford insurance, and they won’t get the medicine or health care they and their loved ones will need. They will lose their homes. Basic necessities will be cut off.

Prostitution and illegal drugs are now added to the official GDP figures to stop them looking quite so bad. Prostitution is on the rise because the desperate are more and more reduced to selling sexual favors to put food on the table for their children, and to pay student fees. Drugs are in demand because life is getting so unpleasant people need to escape reality.

This is George Osborne’s economic miracle that the BBC, SKY News and Channel4 News cherish so much. This is an ultra-Thatcherite dystopia, and the voters want no part of it.

Because the Tories who edit what passes for news and politics at the BBC know voters are not into any of this stuff,  reality has to be buried from the public. This is done in significant part by smearing all those who tell the truth. Don’t watch RT! That type of thing. McCarthyism is what lies behind the smears. It may work for some. But the more the BBC, SKY News and Channel4 News do lie about RT, the more British voters will check it out, just to see for themselves, just to be on the safe side. The more Rupert Murdoch et al tell voters not to watch, the more will watch. Rupert Murdoch’s smears of RT will prove as counterproductive as the BBC’s banning of the Sex Pistols ‘God Save The Queen’.

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Please don’t feed the BritNat trolls. They waste our time. Let’s score some goals.

BBC's Brian Taylor obscured democratic debate

BBC’s Brian Taylor obscuring democratic debate

Scots have a right to vote either way in our independence referendum. I don’t blame ordinary Scots for not seeing the light. I pin the blame firmly where it belongs: BBC Scotland editors. On behalf of John Cridland’s CBI, they peddle lies to prop up the increasingly out-of-touch British state. Broadcasters who take money to lie about the referendum are not above criticism either, although the “I’m only doing my job” excuse does carry a little weight. Whistle-blowers can’t successfully act individually. They need the kind of protection only a trade union can provide.

When it comes to ordinary Scots who fall for BBC lies, all of them need to be treated with genuine respect. Refuse to do that, and watch them queue up to defeat us on the 18th of September.

When the Pope placed Galileo under house arrest to stop the evidence he’d uncovered with his telescope reaching the broader public, can the people as such be blamed for continuing to think the Sun went round the Earth? I don’t think so. In precisely the same way, Scots who think Tories, Lib Dems and Labour will grant splendid new devolution powers because this has been guaranteed by everyone cannot be blamed. The blame for this rampant false consciousness lies fairly and squarely at the door of the editor of Andrew Neil’s Daily Politics. He is refusing to expose the fact that Jo Coburn was given the truth, courtesy of ex-Scottish Secretary Michael Forsyth, and she chose to change the subject, scared to death about the consequences it will have on our referendum: http://derekthomas2010.wordpress.com/2014/06/18/michael-forsyth-lets-the-cat-out-of-the-bag-tory-devolution-promises-are-lies/

There is zero chance there will be an extension of sovereign powers to Scotland’s Parliament at Holyrood. Jo Coburn et al know these devolution promises are nothing more than Lib Dem pledges. They are a lie concocted specifically to con Scots into voting against the only offer on the table: national independence, from which a new state would be free to negotiate bilateral deals with other nations and with multinational organizations: the European Union, NATO, Commonwealth, United Nations, Bank of England.

Being unilaterally kicked out of the European Union, despite our agreeing to abide by every one of the treaties signed in the name of six million Scots while subjects of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – especially given that the Chief Whip of the Tory Party, Michael Gove, and David Cameron’s new Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, both insist they will vote to drag every single Scot out of the EU regardless of what we want, simultaneously dragging out every single English, Welsh and Northern Irish voter too… Is it not obvious that this is a ludicrous threat, a joke worthy of Monty Python?

Being kicked out of the EU when an independent Scotland will abide by all existing treaties is as unthinkable as is being kicked out of the United Nations for the ‘crime’ of exercising our right to national self determination. It is simply not going to happen. And if Andrew Wilson and Carolyn Leckie are unwilling to confront Pam Duncan and John Beattie, to tell them to their faces that they are both lying about this, then we have to ask what they are playing at? Are they taking license fee payers money to throw away as many votes as possible? That seems the most rational explanation for their behavior.

The same argument applies to a shared currency. Neither Andrew Wilson nor Carolyn Leckie have been prepared to stand up to the lies of Pam Duncan, John Beattie and the rest of the BBC, and other, broadcasters who insist a shared currency is just not going to happen. Why are BBC Scotland’s hand-picked YES Campaigners so utterly pathetic when it comes to exposing the lies of Better Together? Are they selected on the basis of how appalling they expect them to be?

The shared currency is a game changer for winning Scottish independence. It must be obvious to everyone that the YES Campaign have a variety of views on this. We are split. Nothing wrong with that. The referendum allows all those who favor Scottish independence – because that is the only question on the ballot paper other than the utterly unsustainable status quo – to park our differences. For the time being. On the other side of independence, there will be time aplenty for addressing our many differences. We can even expect a raft of new alliances, some short-term, others more substantial and long-lasting. The SNP is bound to split into a left and right-wing. It will probably split into more than two parties. There will also, inevitably, be a realignment of Scotland’s left. I expect to see Jim Sillars play a big part in that. Many of those who will have voted against independence will no doubt join a new party of Scotland’s left, including, probably, some big Labour Party figures. We cannot say how the Greens and what is left of the Labour Party will relate to it.

These are all projects for another day. For today, the YES Campaign is very relaxed about placing issues of contention onto the back burner: withdrawal from the EU, NATO, British Monarchy, raising or lowering corporation tax. I know which side I’m on most if not all of these. I know how successful I expect to be in persuading most Scottish voters. But these are questions for the future, for the time after we have liberated ourselves from the UK’s ludicrous unelected House of Lords, the authoritarian ‘Royal Prerogative’, an out-of-control British Intelligence, Special Branch undercover units of agent provocateurs and perjurers, state rapists, harvesters of dead children’s identities, those who collude in the assassination of civil liberties lawyers, those who frame witnesses of murder by vicious racists, such as the killers of Stephen Lawrence… And that is just the cherry on top of the British state’s authoritarianism.

Most votes in the United Kingdom’s Westminster elections are wasted votes. It is not just Scots who didn’t vote for Margaret Thatcher. Most of the English voted against her too. It was the media invention of the SDP-Liberal Alliance that sufficiently split the anti-Tory vote to allow the Prime Minister who, allegedly, covered up for a pedophile network to inflict so much damage on the British people, the English as well as the Scots. Everyone suffered. On the  18th of September, Scots have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to get out of David Cameron’s Thatcherite dystopia. Then we can address all the issues of the day. Economic policy will be top of everyone’s agenda.

An independent Scotland will have its economic policy determined by the voters. Not by Alex Salmond. And not by his party neither. Salmond will have one vote, just like the rest of us. And his party will have the right to appeal to the electorate for a mandate. The same will be true of any new party Jim Sillars is involved in. Or Patrick Harvie.

What about the shared currency? There is a very good argument for Scots not wanting to be part of it. I have no problem with these people drawing up plans for a new currency. I have a few ideas of my own. I am quite attracted to the idea of a crypto-currency linked to gold that has been audited, a currency which acts as a real store of value, a rational unit of exchange, unlike the fantasy, ponzi scheme paper money printed by the Bank of England. Sterling has a very big problem. It is the same problem the dollar has. The Euro too. All those currencies are living on borrowed time. Scotland can make an excellent case for extricating ourselves from that mess asap. Nevertheless, when David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband unite to threaten to expel Scots from the assets of the Bank of England, then I am not joining hands with them. I will be forming a united front with every Scot who still sees more to Sterling than Max Keiser does. This is not about principle. It is about strategy and tactics. It is about distinguishing between, on the one hand, production coming to a halt at a factory or mine as a consequence of a withdrawal of labour by trade unionists, and, on the other hand, staff being locked out by a cost-cutting, union-busting management. Similar in appearance; totally opposite in content.

Scots absolve ourselves of 100% of the United Kingdom’s debt if, but only if, we are denied negotiations over the asset that is the Bank of England. All the debt accumulated over the centuries by the BOE belongs exclusively to those who own it. And if Scots are told by the leaders of all the parties of Better Together that we have been investing in the Bank of England for centuries and have secured absolutely nothing in return from our taxes, then every one of the dodgy deals of those who have been runing it are their responsibility. And theirs alone.

Gordon Brown sold off a massive percentage of the UK’s gold reserves at knockdown prices. Who pays for this breathtakingly bad financial mismanagement? Not Scotland. Certainly not us if we are to be denied any say in the assets of the BOE. Maggie Thatcher and Tony Blair wasted decades of North Sea Oil reserves propping up a degenerate state that has allowed the five ultra-rich individuals to accumulate more wealth than the poorest 20% of society. Scots are being told to put our trust in a man who blames his advisers for not explaining how sandwiches work, and who blames others for not knowing selling Rupert Murdoch’s SUN might be a vote loser, a man who turned a blind eye to the rich getting richer while the poor were getting ever more vulnerable while Blair and Brown were in office? The man who wants to preserve inequality, or at best tinker with it at the margins? Thanks, but no thanks.

Scotland’s North Sea Oil has been wasted for generations. The Scottish people have for half a century been told a pack of lies about how much oil is there, and what it is likely to be worth. We are told that, regardless of the atrocious record of the British state when it comes to lying about this oil, they are not lying now. Frankly, no one believes a word that comes out of the mouths of these incorrigible liars. But even if the oil reserves were running out as rapidly as they claim, what would that mean? It would mean that we have had all our natural assets bled dry by a predator state that wants to continue to treat us like slaves. The Scottish people in such circumstances would be entitled to substantial reparations. And if we can’t expect anything from the British state, then the very least we can expect to do is to stop paying the bills of the bastards who have been bleeding us dry all these years.

There is more than enough reasons for Scots to want to extricate ourselves from Sterling. Nevertheless, in order to maximize our claim to not being held responsible for any of the UK’s debt – which relative to GDP is now in an even more parlous state than it was on the eve of the 2008 financial crash – it is necessary to offer negotiations over the Bank of England. That would indeed lumber Scots with a share of the UK’s debt. However, if all negotiations have been taken off the table, not by us, but by the Better Together leaders, than the global markets will be on Scotland’s side, because we would have international law to back us up. We would be off the hook. 100%!

In such circumstances, Scots would need a currency. The Euro is not acceptable, and Carolyn Leckie had nothing to say on that score which reminds us yet again of how she added nothing to yesterday’s Crossfire ‘debate’. Bitcoin, I suspect, remains vulnerable. But the proposed ‘Goldfish’ cryptocurrency linked to gold that Jan Skoyles has been talking about… That strikes me as a viable currency.

The powerhouse of the global economy these days are the BRICS nations: Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa. They have gold. And the productivity of their labour is very good, which is why they are manufacturing what the world wants. Goldfish, or a similar currency, would be fine for an independent Scotland. The YES Campaign needs to make the case asap.

One last point. The title of this blog is about trolls, and I’ve said next to nothing about them. There’s a reason for that. It’s what they deserve. When it comes to the majority of Scots who echo the lies of John Beattie, Sarah Smith etc – because they don’t know any better – YES Campaign activists need to give them space to get the facts.  We need to be respectful towards them for they know not what they do. Don’t abuse them. If they behave like trolls, then they forfeit their right to be referred to as ‘ordinary Scots’. We then must, as simply as possible, shake them off. If the only way to do that is by blocking them on Facebook, Twitter etc, because they refuse to listen to rational argument and to the facts, we need to ask ourselves why would they be doing that? Is it possible they simply want to suck up all our valuable time and energy, to distract us from getting any real work done? Is it possible these Better Together ‘BritNat’ trolls incessantly try to drag us down to their level in the hope of teaching us bad habit, getting us so worked up that one or two of us will get careless and say something stupid, treating innocent bystanders the way the trolls treat us, tricking some naive comrades into referring to women using the ‘B’ word? If so, they are like thugs on the football field, whose role is to mark gifted footballers, break a leg or two if they can get away with it. Ignore them. Block them if necessary. They’ll go away. Sooner or later they’ll go away.

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Sarah Smith is a ‘BritNat’ who lies about Scottish independence:

The BBC is strangling democracy

The BBC is strangling democracy

Let’s be frank about how much damage BBC Scotland is inflicting on the people of Scotland, threatening to rip apart our social fabric. Their intervention in our referendum is catastrophic. It will never ever be forgiven. They must know that. Andrew Neil once asked who independence supporters will blame if we lose the referendum. The mass media was one option on Andrew’s menu. And, yes. That’s right. Britain’s broadcast networks in general, and the BBC in particular, will get the blame. And what does Andrew Neil expect us to do about it? Nothing? Dream on.

Democracy means more than casting a vote. It requires informed debate, a level playing field with all sides given access to the broadcast media, and that simply does not exist in Britain today. Not for everyone.

The YES Campaign activists are happy with how the campaign is going on the streets, in the mass meetings. By all accounts, these are going well. But the broadcast media stinks. Most voters, alas, do not attend public meetings. They get most of their information from the broadcasters. And this is a very big problem. The BBC is the worst culprit, on both sides of the border.

Sarah Smith complains that Scottish viewers complain about her. She denounces all her critics as ‘cybernats’. She doesn’t tell us how she categorizes supporters of the NO Campaign who complain about her. My guess is there is a reason for that: they are pleased as Punch with her outrageous Better Together drivel. Who could blame them?

If there was a fair referendum, and Scots rejected my favored option –  independence – I’d concede defeat.  But this is a rigged referendum. And I will not concede defeat in such circumstances. Scotland’s independence movement would just be forced to change strategy if a constitutional emancipation is removed from the national agenda by the British state, and their megaphones at the BBC. Mass civil disobedience would be the order of the day. That is not a threat, but a promise. It is a prediction. It is a prediction based on knowledge of how people respond to having been cheated out of a democratic vote.

The BBC works for the other side. They refused to resign from the CBI when it was revealed that the license fee payers were having our public funds diverted into an organization that wanted to register as part o the NO Campaign, whose alleged neutrality today is a simple consequence of John Cridland’s CBI being unable to organize a piss-up in a brewery.

The response of the BBC bosses to being caught with their hands in the cookie jar was to punish their own whistle-blowers. Their response was to promote hand-picked right-wing goons who cross picket lines, and those who helped the Royal Bank of Scotland bring the global economy to its knees, the corrupt ponzi scheme specialists who are doing the same thing all over again, preparing everyone for an even bigger mess than 2008.

Far from apologizing for burying the truth about their having a conflict of interest when it comes to Scotland’s referendum, when it comes to all industrial action, to the economy, and the party most associated with the CBI – David Cameron’s Conservative Party -, BBC bosses refused to concede anything. Things just keep going from bad to worse.

In a rigged referendum, the result doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the process of going through the motions, holding out the prospect of freedom based on a democratic vote, then having those who rigged the referendum laughing in the face of the people…. The BBC bosses must know they are breeding resentment that is going to explode. BBC bosses are pumping up the levels of alienation to intolerable levels, and something’s gotta give. This is not going to be healthy for anyone. I don’t want the excesses that will inevitably follow from what the BBC bosses are doing, the kind of excesses that followed on from Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland. No one wants that. So, how can we avoid it?

Being civil with those who are stealing your democracy, robbing you blind, is a waste of time. It is worse than that. Britain’s pressure cooker society won’t be defused by mere diplomatic gestures. We need to make sure that the voters see exactly what is happening in our name. Expecting BBC Scotland bosses to play a positive role in that process at this stage is naive beyond words. Heads must roll at the BBC.

Demonstrations outside BBC offices, slow hand-clapping during debates when the chair exposes himself as a tool of the NO Campaign, petitions, occupations, complaints through the official channels, dragging the sorry asses of BBC Scotland editors and the worst offending broadcasters to Holyrood Select Committees of MSP would help. NUJ members, and other organized labour victims of the Confederation of British Industry could pull the plug on this Tory propaganda. Demonstrations in support of whistle-blowers would help. Solidarity on NUJ pickets lines. Scots would be doing this to protect our democracy. This is nothing to be ashamed of. We are fighting for freedom.


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Every Scottish dude and dudette should embrace our inner chimp.

There can’t be many liberation movements that have ever identified themselves with chimpanzees or any other primate. But the new Planet of the Apes films might change all that.

I’ve not seen the new film yet, but by all accounts it is the apes who come across well. In the last film, a film I saw for the first time this week, that was certainly the case. Caesar strikes us as particularly noble. Not just intelligent, but full of empathy, compassion, a real diplomat, and strategic and tactical genius, someone who goes out of his way to avoid violence, and to teach others not to unnecessarily harm others, human or ape, only in self-defense, only to protect others. What a guy!

Why would anyone not want to embrace Caesar’s values? Or the values of those he inspires? The people of Scotland could do a whole lot worse than modeling ourselves on those who refuse to be reduced to pets for those who expect us to be grateful for a handout or two. Time to stand on our own two feet. Time to find our voice and tell our oppressors what Caesar told his: NO!

The Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a pretty decent film. It is one of the most political films I know of. Most left-wing films, falling between two stools, fail as both propaganda and as art. But this film reminds me of nothing so much as Stanley Kubrick’s Spartacus. But it is a Spartacus with a happy ending. It does reference other films, possibly consciously, possibly more in my imagination than anything else.

I can see the Elephant Man. I can see Frankenstein. I see Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Dracula, Twelve Monkeys. But it is Spartacus I think of most. And for a socialist who can find so few films that inspires resistance to oppression that doesn’t end in dispiriting tragedy, I am so glad that I now have Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Hope Dawn comes close to being this good.


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Time is running out for Scotland. Time is running out for all of us:

John Beattie hates Scottish democracy

John Beattie hates Scottish democracy

Months ago I explained that only the YES Campaign was having fun because leaders of the other campaign were our court jesters, and there was plenty of time for the polls to reverse: http://derekthomas2010.wordpress.com/2014/04/14/scottish-independence-referendum-and-twitter/. Times, alas, they are a changing. Here is part of what I wrote:

  • We all make, or try to make, serious points. And we all spice up our individual take on what is going on with humor, with wit. At any rate, the most popular tweeters tend to rely on this a fair bit. And this is in my opinion key to explaining why Better Together are nowhere on Twitter. The Yes Campaign is made up of those who are enjoying ourselves, notwithstanding our still being significantly behind in the polls. Given how much time we have to turn things round, we’re having a ball. Better Together provide us with hilarious entertainment. They are our court jesters.
  • One of Kenneth Macdonald’s guest on his show yesterday – Sergio Casci – said he thought this was a terminal problem for Katie Grant’s side: everyone is laughing at the Better Together leadership, including all their own supporters who appear on Ken’s show.

The YES Campaign is responding to the limited time we have left to persuade the majority to cut our umbilical cord with the United Kingdom in a variety of ways. Some are hitting out in a way that is counterproductive. They are getting desperate and want to do something, even if what they are doing is being taken down and will be used against them as individuals, and will be used against the YES Campaign as a whole, even though we don’t endorse any counterproductive overreaction to the abuse by the official NO Campaign, and their stooges in the broadcast media.

Other are responding by denying the polls reflect reality. I accept this premise. But only up to a point. Clearly the polls are skewed by one pollster in particular, one whose findings are so at odds with the rest that question must be asked: do these mavericks have an agenda? Are they paid to deliberately skew the polls, to make some of us do silly things, and/or to make others see no point in doing anything because we’ve already lost, and maybe even persuade a few of the less thoughtful Scots to vote with what they believe to be the majority just because that will make them feel like winners, even if every Scot loses as a consequence of this abuse of the democratic process? Maybe.

We have seen polls exposed as inadequate when it comes to Alex Salmond and his Scottish National Party once before. Nevertheless, to rely on that to come to our rescue would be the height of complacency. These polls certainly do not reflect the experience of the activists out there campaigning. At least not those campaigning for the YES Campaign. What they do reflect is the rest of the electorate. And they are the majority. Atomized as they are, they are far more susceptible to the lies of  The BBC.

BetterTogether Bullshit Crapmachine

YES Campaigners are doing a grand job usurping the BBC gatekeepers, and this is really pissing off Scotland 2014’s Sarah Smith. Sarah denounces viewers for daring to expose her outrageous bias on behalf of the NO Campaign. She and others like her are paid from our license fee to abuse us as ‘cybernats’ and trolls for daring to expose her disgusting bias. A right to reply from Sarah Smith? You must be joking.

Activists from Scotland’s YES Campaign are bringing the undecideds together to hear both sides, subjecting the NO Campaign to forensic scrutiny, and it’s really pissing them off. But most voters still get most of their news, politics and current affairs from the official television networks. To be more precise, most of the older generation do. And they are among the most likely to cast a vote in the referendum. What these voters are being spoon-fed is misinformation. That is a fact.

BBC propaganda on behalf of the Better Together Campaign goes a long way in explaining the state of the opinion polls. What do we do about this in the closing weeks of the campaign?

Part of the official leadership of the YES Campaign have gone native at Westminster. Angus Robertson may be determined to bury his head in the sand, accepting that liars can’t be called liars, as that is ‘unparliamentary’ language, but back here on Scotland’s council estates, we don’t roll that way: diplomacy has its limits.

SNP MPs may deem it ‘rude’ to question the integrity of specific broadcasters. But that is a strategy doomed to blow up in all our faces. Time to go home and think again, comrades. Time for Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon, John Swinney et al to call the BBC’s bluff. Time to call a spade a spade. Time to call John Beattie exactly what he is: a CBI glove-puppet.

Back in the good old days, when BBC granted the people of Scotland an entire hour every single week when BetterTogether’s bullshit was not being dumped on us from both sides of the border on both radio and television, and the internet too, I explained why Kenneth Macdonald read out a great deal more tweets from the YES Campaign than from the other camp. I explained why Scotland’s YES Campaign use Twitter hashtags to communicate with each other, peer-to-peer, to get our message across. We do this whereas the NO Campaign, on the whole, doesn’t. The other side rely almost exclusively on texts and emails instead. Why is that, exactly?

As I have pointed out many times previously, Twitter is the universal suffrage equivalent of broadcasting: everyone contributes on an equal basis. Billionaire Rupert Murdoch may have more followers than me; but he can’t stop others reading what I make available to others, and other like-minded people may choose to amplify what I argue, by retweeting me, and I can do the same. Audience applause can expose how out-of-touch Question Time and Any Questions chairmen and panelists are; how out-of-touch the entire BBC editorial boards are. And Twitter’s retweet mechanism performs the same function in social media.

With Twitter, everyone can examine the biases of the BBC broadcasters. If they flout democracy, by reading out only those tweets that reflect their own petty, and ever-so blatant NO Campaign prejudices, then the evidence is there for everyone to see. And that explains why John Beattie refuses to read out any of the tweets to his truly awful Crossfire program.

John Beattie reads out texts and emails because no one can prove his biases. The raw data is in his possession. Tweets, on the other hand, are public property. There are effectively no positive tweets for John Beattie to read out, because everyone hates his program. It is unlistenable.

John Beattie won’t read out our tweets not merely because if he started he’d be challenged on the balance. More than that: he can’t read our tweets as they expose the political bias of himself and his fellow panelists. John Beattie insults Scotland’s license fee payers by pretending he hasn’t made his mind up. Everyone knows he has. Crossfire is being ‘chaired’ by a fully paid up member of the NO Campaign. Simply refusing to come out of the closet fools no one.

John Beattie’s contempt for the Scotland’s YES Campaigners explains his insistence on Crossfire listeners taking at face value his so-called experts. BBC Scotland ‘experts’ are nothing of the sort. They are consciously working for the NO Campaign, and John Beattie’s refusal to fess up to that changes nothing. Alternatively, these ‘experts’ are idiots incapable of challenging the lies of the NO Campaign. They are worse than useless from the point of view of democratic debate.

What about Crossfire’s so-called YES Campaigner, Andrew Wilson? He is everything I hate. He does nothing to balance Crossfire. His propaganda is worthless. He is entitled to his opinions, as are all those who will vote for Scottish independence, as are all those who will vote against Scottish independence in our referendum. However, he does not represent me. He does not represent the overwhelming majority of Scotland’s YES Campaign. He was selected by BBC Scotland’s bosses precisely because they knew he would do a piss-poor job of uniting the YES Campaign. He was picked to piss off the YES Campaign, to have us fighting amongst ourselves. Pathetic.

Andrew Wilson refuses to challenge the lies and idiocy of John Beattie and whoever is making a mockery of the NO Campaign on any given week. Why? Cock-up or conspiracy? Can’t prove he is paid to screw up the YES Campaign. But I wouldn’t put it past him. Either way, it hardly matters. He is a handicap. And he was picked by BBC Scotland to damage us.

BBC Scotland bosses think they are being clever by lying in order to mangle Scotland’s referendum. But that is not true. As I have explained previously, the Scottish people will not tolerate having democracy stolen from us. All the promises of Better Together and John Beattie and Sarah Smith are lies. They know that to be the case. Andrew Wilson refuses to expose these liars because his heart is not in this. When all the devolution promises are betrayed at the next United Kingdom general election, there will be hell to pay. Scotland will erupt in mass civil disobedience. This is not a threat. I am not advocating this. The problem is that, given the nature of the liars at BBC Scotland, there is likely to be some very unhealthy threads to such civil disobedience. Those who feel their once-in-a-generation chance of a peaceful, constitutional liberation has been stolen from us by tools of British Imperialism can be expected to accelerate the process. And we all know where that leads.

Lesley Riddoch has insisted there is no prospect of Scotland moving down the road paved by Northern Ireland. There is no reason why it has to. But if Scotland’s referendum is stolen from us by the CBI – and that is what is happening today – then no one can guarantee how some hotheads will respond. Losing the referendum in such circumstances will prove the gateway to a national tragedy.

Time is running out. For all of us.

Part of me wants to end this blog entry with that last sentence. But I can’t. The biases of BBC Scotland are so outrageous that I am not prepared to do that. For the benefit of the hard of thinking, I do not want anything like the notorious ‘Troubles’ to be visited upon the people of Scotland, or anywhere else. I would not endorse any such behavior. But desperate people do stupid things. Treat people like animals and that is how you must expect them to respond. Rob the Scottish people of democracy, and you will open the door for reaction to walk through.

What I have attempted to do in the closing parts of this article is not to foment ‘troubles’. What I am offering is a timely warning about the consequences of what BBC liars are doing, of what lies in store for all of us if we can’t stop those who are contaminating Scotland’s democracy day-in, day-out. These people are the same ones who helped David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband DRIP feed emergency powers to the unaccountable arm of the British state: in other words, empowered those who gave us the Kincora Boys Home pedophile scandal, Special Branch’s protection of Loyalist Death Squads who murdered civil rights lawyers, Bob Lambert-style agent provocateurs, perjurers, state rapists, harvesters of dead children’s identities. Better off with Britain’s secret police? Just how sick are you?


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Scotland didn’t start the fire:

BBC Tories? They're all in it together

BBC Tories? They’re all in it together

Peter Higgs don’t give two figs
Clerk Maxwell is awfully swell
Dr Jekyll-Mr Hyde.
Treasure buried deep inside
Scotland’s brave. Freedom we crave.
Coulson? Pat Rock? Call-Me-Dave?
The more we hear, it just gets worse.
Kincora poisons DRIP from hearse.

We didn’t start the fire
Westminster’s fiddlers burn.
But now it’s Scotland’s turn.
BBC has bought every liar.
Scots will have our say
Britania’s had its day.

John Maclean was not insane
British Empire jailed his brain.
Every child, and every wean
We’ll liberate. We’ll break the chain.
Thatcher? Savile? MI5?
Vampires. More dead than alive.
To BBC or CBI,
Their ratings dive the more they lie.


Leon Brittan coverup
Michael Havers’s sister pup
Nightmare at Downing Street, we’ll fight.
We’ll flush their bullshit every night.
British state. It’s far too late.
Tory bastards, there’s the gate.
Human rights, we will not hate.
18 September. That’s our date.


The public face may be JK
BBC buries truth away.
The picture of Alisdair Gray
Speaks for Scots. It’s what we say
Artists, comics, writers too.
Big Bad BBC: Tory Blue
The Scottish people climb on stage
We write our own script on the page.


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Are Scots who oppose Scottish independence ‘traitors’?

Is John Beattie a 'traitor'?

Is John Beattie a ‘traitor’?

Any vote has to accept the legitimacy of those who vote against you. If you reject this basic proposition, you should refuse to legitimize the ballot by boycotting it, calling on others to follow your example. If you deny voters the right to vote whatever way they deem fit, then the process is a farce from start to finish.

Scottish independence supporters who descend into dismissing all NO voters as traitors are a disaster from a strategic point of view. Is it wrong in principle to call NO voters traitors? That depends what is meant by the question.

If we are dealing with a blanket condemnation of everyone who votes against independence, then yes, it is wrong in principle. However, I don’t think we will win the referendum if we don’t accept that the NO campaign is being lead by all the most reactionary forces in society: Orange Order, xenophobic Thatcherites of UKIP, British Intelligence, those who gave us MI5’s dodgy dossiers, with all the loss of life in Iraq, which has made the world a much more dangerous place, with those more extreme than Al Qaeda knocking at the door, and victims of NATO’s war against Muslims driving the oppressed into the arms of a different kind of reactionary. Apart from helping corrupt war criminal Tony Blair make a hundred million pounds in ill-gotten earnings, what have these people done for anyone?

Obviously, not everyone rejects independence for reactionary reasons. There is the question of the economy. If Project Fear is having an effect (and it undoubtedly is), then obviously those who think independence will turn Scots into paupers are not doing anything reactionary by voting against this. It is not them, but the BBC bosses, members of the CBI, effectively an arm of the Tory Party, that is burying the truth about economic reality.

Some socialists will vote against independence because they haven’t thought things through. They want to protect our English brothers and sisters from a relatively stronger Tory vote at Westminster. What they are doing is wrong, but they are doing it for the best of motives. This doesn’t make them ‘traitors’.

The way to win the referendum is by convincing those who have fallen prey to BBC lies, and to the lies of SKY News and Channel4 News. It is about explaining that the forces of reaction oppose independence for specific reasons of self-interest.

Attacking JK Rowling the way she was attacked damaged us, and there is no point pretending otherwise. She did not become a bad writer because she gave her money to the wrong campaign, a fact that is obvious the moment we ask how she would have been treated had she given the money to us. JK Rowling has every right to vote they way she intends, and she has just as much right to be open about doing this. It is not her fault that the BBC makes a big deal about one author siding with the BBC’s NO Campaign, while turning a deaf ear to the 95% of authors who back the YES Campaign.

If JK Rowling has reasons for her decision, and wants to use to them to convince others, then her arguments should be debated. If her arguments are poor, it is not trolling to say what we believe is wrong with them. Not if we do it correctly, rather than lie about how poor her writing is. Neither is it wrong to explain why the rich, of which JK Rowling is a well-known representative, are overwhelmingly opposed to Scottish independence.

Tories, Lib Dems and UKIP won’t get a sniff of power in an independent Scotland due to their association with wretched right-wing policies. Ed Miliband’s Labour Party is being outflanked on the left everywhere. And not before time. The rich fear Scots in an independent state will vote for redistributive taxation. And we certainly will, regardless of whether Alex Salmond wants that or not. The rich on both sides of the border fear this, and their anxieties are well-founded, and not only in Scotland. Scots in an independent state will foment a rise in the forces of the left in England also. The BBC know this. They just refuse to let their viewers and listeners hear the arguments.

What we are dealing with is a debate about strategy and tactics, and principles too. I think one of the problems the YES Campaign now has is frustration that the BBC’s Project Fear has dented the progress of the YES Campaign more than we expected, and time is rapidly running out.

People want to express their rage at the BBC, and I am all for that. But those we have not convinced are becoming collateral damage in a justified war of words against what the mass media is doing. This can’t possibly help the YES Campaign. When it comes to our target audience (that being most ordinary Scots), we need to patiently explain. And that means being respectful to those we have yet to convince. Unless we do that, we will so anger them that they won’t merely sit on their hands and say ‘a plague on both your houses'; they will turn up on polling day to make sure we are defeated.

Only by being respectful to ordinary Scots who disagree with us will we win their ear, then give ourselves a chance of talking them round in the closing weeks of this once-in-a-generation referendum. Telling voters they are traitors if we don’t convince them, is the daftest thing we could possibly do. Please, gonnae no dae that.

[The inspiration for this post came from a thread started on Citizen Smart's Facebook, which I liked, and which I consider very timely: https://www.facebook.com/CitizenSmart/posts/10152654319708060]

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