Scotland never ever ever shall be slaves.


Been many decades since I saw A Very British Coup. I remember loving it very much. Not sure how many youths who will cast their votes in Scotland’s independence referendum next week will even have heard of it. They might want to check it out though. A Very British Coup is inspirational. It provides precisely the sorts of ideas Scotland’s democrats must address in the closing days of this battle.

To paraphrase (somewhat inaccurately) a hilariously funny soundbite from a Vice Presidential Debate, I knew Harry Perkins. Harry Perkins was a friend of mine. Alex Salmond is no Harry Perkins. Only the last bit is true. One reason Alex Salmond is no Harry Perkins is because Scotland’s First Minister, unlike the legendary British Prime Minister, is not fictional. A much more important difference, as far as I’m concerned, is the degree of radicalism of these respective politicians – Alex Salmond being the less left-wing of the two. Having said that, there are similarities. And they are significant enough for all supporters of Scottish independence to promote this very British legend.

NATO leaders piled intolerable pressure on Harry Perkins to force him to break his democratic mandate. And Alex Salmond is coming under exactly the same pressure. And it doesn’t end there.

Big business and the financial markets threatened to frustrate the democratic decisions of the voters in A Very British Coup. And that is exactly what we are witnessing in Scotland today. And just as the voters in the fictional version rallied heroically to the defense of their democracy when threatened by a tiny elite of David Cameron’s ultra-rich chums, I trust the people of Scotland will do exactly the same thing. This may piss off those Confederation of British Industry members who abuse the voters license fee day-in, day-out… It may piss off Alistair Darling and Johann Lamont. But the majority of the people of Scotland don’t take kindly to threats from blackmailers. We will resist. And cheerleaders for these nasty intimidating parasites, at every level of society, will find themselves subject to democratic scrutiny. Labour MPs who throw their lot in with these asset-stripping parasites do so at their peril. And broadcasters at the BBC who dance to the tune of these creeps should find themselves another profession asap. You certainly don’t deserve one penny from public funds. And the overwhelming majority of traditional Labour voters both sides of the border will agree with me on that.

While Scotland’s independence movement may not have began as anything particularly radical, the reactionary sabotage of it from right across the British Establishment may be in the process of pushing voters in a far more radical direction than anyone intended. That, as far as I’m concerned, is a good thing.


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Just lost my @Derekrootboy Twitter Account.


I seem to be locked out of my twitter account. Got an email from KRED telling me they wanted to give me $50. Tried to sign in using my Twitter account. Kicked me out of my @derekrootboy account, and Twitter isn’t sending me a reset link to my email address to recover my account. Hope this doesn’t take long for them to fix. I have tried to follow their instructions, but don’t understand them. Can’t believe Twitter will allow me to be locked out for too long. Over 12,000 followers, and almost 200,000 tweets, with a paper value of over $20,000. Surely I can’t lose the account due to being conned by someone pretending to be from KRED. Anyway,…

While I am waiting for Twitter to let me have my main account back, I have decided to use a secondary account: @tomdelargy. I don’t use that very much, but won’t have much choice for a while. To make it easier or anyone who wants to read my tweets, I have tried to change this other account to make it look as much like my main account as possible.

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Scotland wants to break free because…

Scotland wants to break free because every baby must be born. If Scotland’s independence is analogous to a divorce, then what we are dealing with is a loveless marriage. When relationships have come to an end, both parties need to call it a day and try to build new lives for ourselves, independent of each other. If we are responsible, we will not bear grudges. We will do our level best to remain civil, not just for the sake of the children, but or sakes of our own mental health. We will wish the best for each other.

However, if that is the analogy, then David Cameron is behaving very much like a vindictive, abusive husband.  He is trying to stop his wife sharing joint assets as well as liabilities. David Cameron wants to kick the Scottish people out into the street without a penny to our name, taking away the shirt from our back if he can get away with that. He is calling in favors from all over the world to echo his own lies, intimidating us. This is a truly nasty approach. Why on earth would Scotland decide it is better together with people like David Cameron?

However, a different way of looking at the relationship of Scotland to the United Kingdom is to see ourselves as having matured inside a parents womb. Every baby must be born. And it is time for Scotland to get out there rather than to be trapped inside. Scotland thrives on hope and a sense of humor. We have not been ‘educated’ into thinking illegal wars are a good thing. We have not been brainwashed into thinking an unelected House of Lords is a good thing. We are not so daft as to think we can’t do better than tolerate a society where Douglas Alexander, Johann Lamont, Alistair Darling permitted five individuals to own more than the poorest 20%.

Scotland will start with a blank slate, a written constitution drawn up by the people of Scotland. We are not going to be weighed down with ‘common sense’ of United Kingdom’s leadership. We want to be free because we know how to enjoy ourselves, to have fun, to smile, to laugh, to look after each other. We have hope. We will survive. We will dance. Scotland will thrive.


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Will Jim Murphy be prosecuted for wasting police time?

Did Jim Murphy set up his so-called assault?

Did Jim Murphy set up his so-called assault?

Why won’t Jim Murphy make an official complaint to the police about the man who threw an egg at him? All supporters of Yes Scotland are happy to dissociate ourselves from whatever it is he thought he was doing. He has nothing to do with the YES Campaign. Jim Murphy knows that. But that has not stopped him using this incident to accuse the YES Campaign of organizing this assault. Am I the only one who smells a rat?

Jim Sillars once suggested that some of the anonymous ‘cybernats’ who descend into personal abuse and even threats could very well be deliberately damaging Scotland’s YES Campaign because they’re being paid by British Intelligence to do precisely that. The discredited BBC that is clearly a key pillar of Better Together refused to give this suggestion the time of day. On her truly awful Scotland 2014, Sarah Smith ‘balanced’ her implication that Jim Sillars is clinically paranoid with two other commentators who shared her contempt for this perfectly reasonable theory. What about the egging of Jim Murphy? What role, if any, might the British State have played in that?

I don’t rule out the possibility that the man who egged Jim Murphy is a lone wolf. It is possible he is just someone who took the law into his own hands. If that is the case, he speaks for no one but himself. But if that is the case, does he not have the guts to hand himself into the police, to face the music for what he has done?

If Jim Murphy’s egg-man wants Scottish independence, and if he did this of his own account, he will turn himself into the police and let them take whatever action they think is appropriate. If he wants Scottish independence then he will help expose the wretched lies of Jim Murphy that supporters of Scottish independence have anything whatsoever to do with the throwing of eggs at any supporter of the NO Campaign. If he does anything else, suspicions will intensify that this is a put-up job.

Many people are already drawing the conclusion that Jim Murphy is exploiting this incident to give himself victim status that he does not deserve. If that is so, then he must be prosecuted by the Police for wasting police time. And if they refuse to do that, then that begs the question as to the role of the police themselves in the incident.

In order to prove he played no part in this, Jim Murphy needs to explain why he has done zilch to have this man arrested and charged, and any conspirators named and shamed. Is it because Jim Murphy is scared that if the ‘egg man’ is prosecuted, not only will he [Jim Murphy] be proven to have participated in this so-called assault, but that he did so as part of a plan by the British State to blacken the name of Scotland’s YES Campaign, in precisely the same way Special Branch used Bob Lambert and other undercover cops to blacken the name of the parents and friends of Stephen Lawrence?

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The truth Kirsty Wark, Laura Kuenssberg and Ian Katz won’t tell you:

Why doesn't Kirsty Wark want us to know about Lord Richards?

Why doesn’t Kirsty Wark want us to know about Lord Richards?

Last night’s edition of Newsnight represented a new low in this so-called news program, a sign that even the occasional decent broadcaster can’t save it. It was precisely the kind of tabloid trash John Pilger was talking about in his wonderful Going Underground interview. Who’s editing  Newsnight these days: David Cameron? Did Kirsty Wark bury the truth about NATO’s role in Ukraine because James Harding will sack her unless she does everything she can to stop British voters checking out RT, freeview 85? Kirsty doesn’t want us to see Afshin Rattansi’s item on Lord Richards, for instance? If so, I don’t think it’s gonna work.

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What is David Cameron’s Plan B on Europe?

No one should trust David Cameron on anything

No one should trust David Cameron on anything

As David Cameron marched into Scotland yesterday, one of his MPs resigned citing his lack of trust in the Prime Minister. David Cameron will almost inevitably lose the Clacton by-election called by UKIP’s MP, Douglas Carswell. This will send shockwaves through the entire British Establishment.

Not only will the Tory Party be irreparably damaged from a UKIP victory, David Cameron’s coalition partners, the toxic Liberal Democrats, will be to the cheering of pretty much everyone, including ninety percent of Tory MPs of all persuasions.

A UKIP victory in the Clacton by-election will prove no less disastrous for Ed Miliband’s front bench. Their bizarre rejection of an in-out referendum on European will destroy Labour at the next United Kingdom general election. All the above is a recipe for the collapse in support for all the parties of Better Together on the very eve of Scotland’s date with destiny: 18th of September 2014.

On BBC Radio Scotland yesterday morning, the BBC’s political editor Nick Robinson told James Naughtie there were probably more than 100 Tory MPs who would campaign alongside Nigel Farage to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union if David Cameron proves unable to wring significant concession, concessions everyone knows he is not going to get.

Among senior Tory MPs who have explicitly made this argument already are former Defense Secretary, and now Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond. Also included in that list is David Cameron’s newly appointed Chief Whip, the odious Michael Gove, the man the Prime Minister trusts to intimidate Tory MPs to do his bidding.

Unfortunately, the people of Scotland are being kept in the dark as to David Cameron’s ‘Plan B’ if he does not get the concessions his backbenchers and many of his front benchers insist are necessary.

As David Cameron crept into Scotland to help Better Together’s Confederation of British Industry to intimidate the Scottish people into voting against independence, or to face unspecified economic sanctions from those who own businesses, those with the power to hire and fire us at a whim (which, to be frank, ought to constitute a criminal offense as it corrupts Scotland’s democracy, which literally means ‘people rule’, not employer rule), his hosts told Cameron that his in-out referendum on the European Union is a massive risk they resent. The reality is David Cameron is aware that the people of Scotland are being lied to. He just doesn’t care.

Scotland can be dragged out of the European Union. However, it is not a vote for independence that risks us losing EU membership. The risk to Scotland’s membership of the EU comes from the infinitely more eurosceptic English electorate. David Cameron won’t tell us Scots what his Plan B is if he secures no concessions from the European Union. As Douglas Carswell’s resignation proves this is a recipe for massively boosting UKIP’s vote, for dragging Scots out of the European Union, unless of course he can’t do that because the voters have had the good sense to extricating ourselves from David Cameron’s anti-democratic straightjacket. The ball is in the court of Scotland’s YES Campaign at precisely the moment our opponents have put their rackets down and descended into bare-knuckle wrestling among themselves. Game, set and match.


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Douglas Alexander: British Nationalist and incorrigible liar


Questions for Douglas Alexander:

What about the West Lothian Question? Boris Johnson, Michael Forsyth, Malcolm Rifkind, John Redwood and other senior Tories insist that English voters are getting a raw deal from Scottish devolution. Far from offering Scots more devolution, they insist the long ignored West Lothian Question has to be tackled. The United Kingdom devolution settlement is already a lopsided monstrosity. David Cameron is offering Scots 100% control over income tax. But the implicit reciprocity has not been spelt out in explicit terms by Ruth Davidson, Alistair Darling, Gordon Brown or Willie Rennie. Any chance Louise White can pin Douglas Alexander down on this? If the price of giving a Tory government the right to implement their devolution promises is the removal of all Scottish MPs with the right to vote on any income tax for English voters? Or will Louise White’s BBC Scotland editors refuse to let her put this question because John Cridlland’s CBI won’t let her?


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