Sign petition to force Lucy Allan to resign

  • I want fabricated death threats by ‘opinion-formers’ to be exposed for what they are. I want David Cameron’s unwillingness to expel Lucy Allan from the Tory Party to be exposed, and for her constituents to have an MP worthy of the name. And I want the Tory editors at BBC, SKY News, Channel4 News, ITV and Channel Five to be exposed for what they are: poodles of a reactionary and deeply unpopular Prime Minister who wants armed policemen to gun down innocent people on imaginary ‘intelligence’ such as that fabricated by his own MPs, those like Lucy Allan.
  • That’s the comment I left on a petition to force Lucy Allan to resign. If there are other petitions, I’ll happily sign the too. Hopefully, there will be a concerted attempt to raise David Cameron’s inaction, and the mass media’s indifference to this story at the next Prime Minister’s Question Time. Can’t believe she’ll last long. Nor that she’ll be able to avoid a substantial payout to her victim, possibly after a damaging legal action for defamation that could hve lead to vigilante attacks, persecution by cops, and more. All very damaging for David Cameron and whichever loser gets to be the Tory Party candidate at the by-election.

Here’s the petition if you are interested:

Text From Online Petition:

Lucy Allan MP added the words ‘Unless you die’ to a message sent by one of her constituents, before publishing the message on Facebook.

In doing this she:

  • fabricated a death threat;
  • deliberately misrepresented her constituent in order to dismiss them and others like them;
  • put the reputation and security of her constituent in jeopardy;
  • risked a criminal investigation being brought against an innocent person.

Ms Allan has responded by saying: ‘What I did was selective editing and I am allowed to do this.’ But these were her own words, added deliberately to distort and diminish her constituent Rusty Shackleford.

MPs exist to represent their constituents, not to misrepresent them. By behaving in this way, Ms Allan has shown she is unfit to continue as a Member of Parliament.

With a full apology to Mr Shackleford, she should resign.

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